onday the 21st Boralus inaugurated their new market, a place with stalls that those used to going to Dalaran to shop will recognise, but also some different ones, which may be more recognizeable for the locals. The Quill’s Melody was present, offering not only a selection of books and musical instruments, but also paintings made on the spot and music to make the ambience for buying just perfect, we asked them about their experience during the night. Anriel Sinaerith: “The experience of our workers was great, we are fond of Kul'Tiras and its people, as well as the scenery and culture around Boralus. People who came to visit us mostly were impressed by the music and paintings, we offered along many wares such as books and instruments. We would gladly visit the market again, yet we keep our base in Dalaran, and display our art that we wish to share with Azeroth's people. We hope that we could give the market something unique, something special with our wares.” On more local business: Lord Henricus Derrington surprisingly had a stall with his guns on display. As our readers will know, he is not allowed to handle weapons in Boralus, but the clever noble managed to get around this by just pointing and having his daughter handle the guns. We asked him if the sentence seemed to affect his business: Lord Derrington: “I believe I sold around a total of 15 firearms. If anything I would say the sentence brought me more customers, as most people understood I was wrongfully sentence, so were happy to support me.” A stall people from Stormwind will recognise, is the Hummingbird Emporium, who was present selling their famous chocolates, as well as cosmetics and potions and a few special items for this market. We also asked them about their experience. Kialandi Rhodar: “The time spent on the Boralus Market was inspiring. To see many different companies hurdled together brought a feeling of togetherness and cooperation, even when the sides didn't know each other well. Speaking for the Hummingbirds, we aren't stationed in Boralus, but were welcomed there with a smile. The atmosphere was great and our neighbours - The Quill’s Melody, were elevating that with thrice the amount with their music. Lovely people by the way. Our sales were good, we met many people and were almost constantly busy. Good thing we were a good number of staff! Our people felt the rush of quick deals and I think we all liked it. I am once more thanking the organisers, especially Kamrynn, for their work and the opportunity given! If there is another night like that, we could definitely think about setting a stall again. The plan of the Hummingbirds is now to start to 'fly' to other locations and meet new grounds and people, so this is a good start. We have been at other gatherings, but mostly with the chocolate stall. So now... showing a bit more confidence after yesterday's market!” Fair Trade Limited was also present. We have an upcoming article about their first auction and an intererview with Miss Topwells coming out soon. At the market they where selling fabrics, leather, and accessories. Here is Miss Veneviell Topwells’ experience as a local business. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: “How was your experience, as a local business, during the night?” Veneviell Topwells: “I welcomed this option to gather local merchants and craftsmen to gather at one place. It was certainly very nice way how to introduce those shops and companies to the local people. I know there was stalls and visitors from other parts of the Azeroth, but I felt, that the goal was to gather local suppliers and manufacturers.” Gaedryel Ravenbreath: “Is it common to see non-local business in Boralus?” Veneviell Topwells: “Yes, I would say so. Boralus lives its own life and a certain mood and as with the nature of Kul Tirans and their pride, it is not common to see non-local businesses around. They do not trust easily so entrepreneurs need to earn that in Boralus.” Gaedryel Ravenbreath: “Would you like to have more markets like this in the future?” Veneviell Topwells: “Indeed, and as a person who had small insight into the organization of this one, I can say, that there will be more in future.” Gaedryel Ravenbreath: “Any other comment you might have?” Veneviell Topwells: “This public market was done on the same place where fish market is run each morning as fishermen are coming from the sea. It was very pleasant to see there, other goods than just fishes and various fruits of the sea. I can also recommend this to anyone who wants to taste the original and unique atmosphere of Kul Tiran Capital city.” But these are just a few of the shops and stalls present, there were also food ones, like Pinky’s Groggery, because it’s not a market without at least one food stall. East Vocation Limited, selling guns, knives and Gilnean whisky, but also some more uncommon ones like Curious of the Wild, selling druidic trinkets and healing, The Coal Shop, selling various crafts, or even Kaitlyn Shepard’s cartography shop, indeed a useful one in a city like Boralus. After the market, which lasted for quite a while, there are rumours saying an unplanned party took place to celebrate how well the market went. In short, an occasion no one should miss next time, which is the 8th of July.