his is a collection of a few crime related news. Each of them not enough of a story to currently call for a full article, so we bunched them together.

Bomb in the Blue Recluse

On Monday 14th, around 8 bells in the evening, the Recluse was filled with life. The number of customers even made people have to wait in sort of long queues to get attended, not a surprise given the place, time and day. Time passed, I was outside talking with Hardhy, he left to go to the Court meeting, so it was close to 8 and a half bells now. I was going to leave as well when everyone started to come out of the tavern in a hurry, that is never a good sign. The following moments were chaotic and stressful, a lot of screams indicating people to get out and away. There was a bomb inside. Guards got called, at first only one appeared, and of course made sure no one entered. I moved a bit away to wait and observe, there was no point in trying to get information when everyone is busy, better to let people do their job and THEN ask questions. Guards from Echo Company arrived and tried to re-establish order, most people obeyed, except for a couple of drunk idiots who kept trying to get close to the scene and a stranger who insisted on spouting the craziest theories, like that it was fake guards, even after I informed him of who they were… I decided to leave and later go to the Command Center of Echo Company to get a statement of what happened. Corporal Ethan Forrester informed me of their findings inside the Recluse: “So, we were just doin' trainin' spars when we were informed about the bomb situation at the Recluse, we immidietly went there check over the situation. We set up a perimeter outside while me and Constable Hatchet went inside. We found a bag with a note and a teddy bear. It was a gas bomb, a gnome was able to clear the gas from the Recluse when we have arrived. We then examined the bomb. It was a homemade bomb but that someone really knew wot 'e or she was doin', it was well made. We think it was no' from an individual but from an organisation.” This organization, according to Corporal Forrester, is called The Reapers, and with the bomb there was a note saying, “strike two”. Corporal Gearclink mentioned there was another similar bomb found previously, but that it was thrown into the canals.

Another corpse falls from the sky

Same day, Monday 14th another corpse fell from the sky, this time in front of the Keep, right after the weekly Royal Court meeting had concluded. This incident seems to be clearly related to the previous two corpses not only as the method matches perfectly, but as there was also another note attached to it.

More hangings in Boralus

As Captain Royston promised, the number of hangings has increased and on Thursday 17th two people were hanged, Yolanda Rivers found guilty of piracy, smuggling and racketeering; and Hatchet Harr, found guilty of association with pirates, theft, and murder. Both were hanged in front of a crowd that mostly did not enjoy the spectacle and even asked to free them, understandable seeing how Miss Rivers cried and begged for her life, asking for forgiveness. But a few seemed to be pleased with it and even criticized the softness of other cities in the Alliance. But once more most comments were of disagreement, including some questioning why they were hanged, why there did not get a hearing, and even some dared to say that the city is ruled by a tyrant…

Possessed people in Stormwind

Last, but not least, on Tuesday 22nd Echo Company faced two incidents with people being possessed by the void. What started with a man speaking non-sense and omens, ended up with Constable Hatchet being attacked by said man with a broken mug. Later that day a lady was attacked by another possessed person near the canals in the Old Town district, but was stopped by Corporal Gearclink, Constable Waldron, Constable Tatsuya and Private Aira. Afterwards the area was cleansed by a paladin. The first man had dark skin, black hair, and a moustache, the second ginger hair, a moustache and was tall and muscular. Please be careful and if at any time you hear someone speaking about Amos or Shrouded immediately head to the Command Center of Echo Company in Old Town, Right by the fountain, and inform them of what you heard and seen. Do not engage with them as they are dangerous and unstable people.