n Tuesday 8th at 19:00 the trial against Lord Derrington for shooting Mister Prescott in the knee continued. If the first part seemed long and a bit complicated, maybe even confusing, this second session was just chaos.

Fifth witness, Private Steve Maloy

As usual Miss Tiller started clarifying if the witness knew the two individuals involved beforehand, to which he answered explaining he knew them briefly. But she quickly moved to other clarifying questions, as if he arrested Salima as stated the previous session. But first she made him explain about the different shots that happened that day. The answers were a bit confusing and not like someone can blame Private Maloy as this happened three months ago. So sadly, he could not say if Salima was there when Lord Derrington discharged or not, but when asked if he was present when Mister Prescott was shot, he said he was not, which lead to Miss Tiller concluding Salima was arrested before. Lord Derrington objected to this, claiming her presence was not relevant even if part of his argument was based on the lack of space to walk around, but defended it based on the apparent association of Mister Prescott and Salima. This led to an argument between two parts, and ended once Miss Tiller asked her final question to the witness: Miss Tiller: “Is there any reason for a civilian to take the law into his own hands with guards crowding the area nearby rather than asking for help?” Private Maloy: “Civilians can protect themselves if attacked or are threatened, within the reasonable measure of of force. Whether it is reasonable or not, I wouldn't know for I wasn't there.” During his turn Lord Derrington asked Private Maloy about his experience with Worgens, if he had seen claws and teeth being used in a crime and how he reacted in those situations. Private Maloy explained from his experience how they can be used to maul a person and that he will use all the weapons at his disposal to prevent the assault from continuing. With this another small argument started in which Lord Derrington claimed there is no need to wait to be attacked to self-defence. But following with the questions, Private Maloy was asked about who he saw when he arrived at the scene: “There was Captain Royston and two of his men. Captan Royston wasn't with the City Watch at the time, but an Alliance pirate hunter Captain. I remember seeing Lord Derrington, his bodyguard... And two more men with Salima. One was Tyler Prescott and the other one was a big, bulky man with gray, almost white long hair and beard.” The judge asked some clarifying questions to the witness, some not of much help, as he claimed he was not there, and moved to the next witness.

Sixth witness, Rothren Crowfall

Mister Crowfall was the person who attended Mister Prescott right after the shooting, he explained he was not there, but close. He was asked by Miss Tiller who was there when he went to attend Mister Prescott and explained he saw Captain Royston along with some of his men, a Ren’dorei pressing on Prescott’s wound, but no sign of Lord Derrington. He was asked some other questions about the people and the circumstances, but the interesting part came when he asked to speak freely and said the following: “I was in the crowd right next to Lord Derrington as the shooting began. I overheard him speaking to his folk under his own payroll to be ready to do whatever may be needed against the "Hooligans" he so wishes to call common folk. Not to mention why he would seek shelter from bullets by going to the obvious target's area. Instead of moving along down the streets of Boralus.” As you can see this contradicts the word of Lord Derrington and Captain Royston about the shooting, but even so no other witness claimed to see Lord Derrington in the crowd or going from it towards the balcony. Obviously, Lord Derrington objected due to hearsay, and it was sustained.

Witness statements

If that last part was confusing, here comes the actual chaos, A part even I had trouble to understand and which was completely dismissed by judge Cromwell, but I will try to summarise it for the entertainment of our readers. The statements were giving by people supposedly hired by Lord Derrington to protect him, they were giving in the form of letters, as the people did not present themselves as witnesses. They agreed that Lord Derrington was among the crowd but that they saw little of what happened as when the shooting started a lady “with white hair and black robes. used a tome to open a portal directly to his lordship’s estate”. But this was not all, oh no… because they were “greeted by a succubus, who was apparently safely bound”. Our loyal readers can imagine my reaction when hearing that, seeing the small similarity with Lysandré’s trial. After the reading of this statement, Lord Derrington pointed out that he does not know of any white-haired lady and that he does not own a manor. There was another statement, but as it only had the answers and not the questions it was hard to follow and understand.

Closing statements

Finally, we moved on to the closing statements, starting with the prosecution: “Your honour, honorable people present. Lord Henricus Derrington admitted to shooting and unarmed man in the knee, narrowly missing the popliteal artery which would have him bleed out in but a few minutes. He claims he did it as he felt threatened even with his bodyguard nearby and plenty of guards in the area as stated by several individuals. He could have shouted for any of those, yet Lord Tyler Prescott posed no threat leaving plenty of room to go around, but even so, he was shot merely for being sarcastic. It was mere speculation and racial profiling that lead to Lord Henricus Derrington shoot Lord Tyler Prescott in the knee, nothing more, nothing less, then throwing a few coins at him to get it sorted. Should nobility roam free with their crimes merely throwing coin at everyone to solve their problems? He even compared the worgen form to that of a war dog, which the Alliance would, in court, find quite offensive and racist. Kul Tiras is now a part of the Alliance, and it would be a shame worgen would be treated differently here, as mere weapons, for what they are involuntarily. We cannot let problems be solved by merely shooting them and claiming self defense, your honour, is what this party feels. There should be consequence for an action regardless of nobility or commonfolk. Shooting someone because of whom they are with is heresy, and if such was the norm, we would have far more wounded in this city and any city. He admitted that there was room to pass this worgen man, and he only shot him because he has experience of the past the worgens -can- attack. Being shot at and rushing to safety does not make shooting another valid. Even nobility can make mistakes. The first step is to own up to it, which Lord Henricus has done. The second is to take consequence, alas, that he wants to do not. I hope he either gets sent to jail or to a fitting community service for a fitting amount of time for shooting an innocent man in this lovely city. I wish to propose a hefty donation to the charity of wounded alliance soldiers and physical community service for two months as well as professional anger management, as a mere fine would be a spit to the face of the law on this lovely island.” And then the defence: “Your honour, do not believe this wounded pauper story. This case is as crooked as the prosecution. They have presented to you no evidence that disputes my defense, they harp on about "Racism" When I am a Worgen myself, your honour. He -chose- to be in his worgen form, he -chose- to associate with criminals. He also -chose- to solicit a settlement from me falsely, before this trial On the contrary, what you -have- been presented with is what I was presented with on that day...chaos. Shots fired all around me, rescuing a noble Lady in distress. I simply saw a threat to myself, jowls and claws ready and took action to incapacitate that threat. Clearly, clearly my shooting was reasonable, needed and just. They have given you not a hard shred of evidence to prove otherwise, indeed they appeal to your emotional sensibilities, such as "Anger management" and such. If they think I am so deranged, why did they not request a psychological profile? Because your honour, because this is nothing more than the crass attempt of a failed hooligan, trying to claw back some credibility from his peers. If you convict me, you convict all reasonable men, who have stood their ground against vile criminals.” But of course, this trial could not just end without one more objection, made by Miss Tiller: “Once more, first of all, he smears my client's name by calling him a hooligan. Second of all, my client did not know that this woman would suddenly go about shooting at people, so -choosing- to associate with criminals is a void statement. Third of all, it doesn't matter which form one is in, I could choose to arrive in my own worgen form this day if I feel more comfortable with it, yet I did not, as my human form is nicer. Not so tall and towering.” I could not help but notice how the lawyer used the words “tall” and “towering” when talking about worgen form, terms usually related to being intimidating.

The verdict and sentence

Judge Cromwell: Taking all the evidence and the testimonies into the account. Lord Prescott has changed his statement about who offered the money to who during the trial. Taking into account that there was a third man there and that Lord Prescott was with the assailant the Prosecution failed to convince me that Lord Prescott could not appear threatening to Lord Derrington before the shooting occurred. Furthermore... Lord Prescott was give a warning to pull back. That said... Lord Prescott was shot before he attempted to attack. With all taken into consideration, I find Lord Derrington guilty of using excessive force in an attempt of pre-emptive self defense. Lord Derrington will pay hundred golden coin to to Lord Prescott and is banned from carrying weapons on his person while in Boralus. Lord Derrington said he will appeal to the court based on the prosecution’s treading on, of the process. I asked him his opinion and feelings about the sentence: “T'was to be expected, with that pitiful tugging on of heart-strings that was exercised. Although they didn't get the original charge, I will say.” I also asked Miss Tiller about the sentence: “Oh I am sure there is plenty... My client is content with the outcome, and it shows that not even nobility can shoot people unpunished for them merely being in the path they wish to walk. It was a silly action, but with a justifiable outcome here today. Alas, it won't fix my client's knee fully, but he will continue getting help and rehabilitation.” I also asked if she wished to comment on Lord Derrington’s plan to fill a motion to dismiss the case: “No comment, miss Ravenbreath, besides, it is his choice to do so, yet I see not how it will change anything.” With this concludes this chaotic case in which I’m sure many have felt the same sensation that during the shooting of not being sure what’s going on, but there might be more if Lord Derrington succeeds with his motion.