ome days ago, Frank Hassle tried to poison several Draenei, Kaldorei and Worgen in an establishment using altered wine, which also affected some Kul Tirans. Luckily all the affected recovered without problems and Hassle was captured. He was charged with attempted murder, breaching a barring order, three counts of common assault and assault by beating. Due to the threat he represents to everyone in Stormwind he was exiled from the city. I accompanied Lieutenant Commander Preston along two of his men to escort Hassle from the Stockades to outside of the city. During the time he was being taken out of his cell the dwarf did not stop throwing complains and insults, specially at myself and Constable Dawnblade, due to us being elves. For a moment he at least seemed pleased that a human was ordering an elf, until he found out that Preston is a Worgen. The walk to the gates is not long, but surely his comments made it longer. Apart from more despicable ones, he threatened to: fire everyone (of the people present) once he is major, melt their armours to make boats to send people back home and come back with an army. Now, as ridiculous some of those threats can sound, let us not forget he did poison people, he managed to get inside Stormwind and harm others. And for this he was exiled, but the chances of him coming back are big, he even tried to do it while we were still by the gate. For that reason, I took a picture before he was gone, because even if the situation was completely solved, there is no harm in us citizens keeping our eyes open. But this is not the end of the story. As it is his right, Hassle hired an attorney, Sporklefizz Headclank, who I personally heard utter several insults during the night of the incident as I was near the Echo Command Center for other unrelated business. During that night Lieutenant Morland used all his patience listening to the complains and insults of Headclank, yet he remained calm and simply escorted him out after a while. But that was not all that Headclank was planning, he wanted to free his client and not only by legal means, but rather using bombs for it and for this he was charged with public endangerment and punished with lashing and a barring order, that will last for a day. I waited along Echo for Headclank to also be escorted out, and even if he is allowed to come back, I also took a picture of him. His exit was less polite and silent than Hassle’s, as he kept complaining and for a moment even threatened to set a camp just at the gates of the city. Once more Lieutenant Commander Preston remained calmed, ordered his men to be prepared, aim at him, but to be sure not to fire unless he ordered it, which made Headclank quickly change his plans and start walking away. Personally, I have to say it was good to witness the quick and diligent work of Echo Company who also made sure I was as safe as possible during all this. and wish a good and quick recovery to anyone still affected by the poison. Final note: the name of the establishment was avoided on purpose as the owners and workers are not responsible in any way for this acts, so it will be unfair they suffered any type of backlash for it.