ew people of Azeroth, whether alliance, horde or neutrals can claim to be surprised that the second Grand Tournament took place a little over a week ago. From the 26th to the 30th of May an impressive feat of planning and hard work bore the fruit in what turned out to be days of entertainment, competitions, and shopping. Covering it all is an impossible feat, and since we reckon most people visited anyway then we will try to give a little insight into the event, some results and some personal opinions and experiences. We hope you enjoy and look forward to next year. Much as we do here at the Lion’s Roar. There was a lot of reasons to stop by and experience the grandness. And there was even more reasons to show up day after and follow the competitions and contests. During the event we asked a few people what they thought of the event, and we will start off with the words of Lady Silerya Bloodreaver, a very kind female Sin’dorei who was attending the Tournament for the first time:
Lady Silerya Bloodreaver and their thoughts on the event: “Tournaments are not everyday thing, specially of this size and duels are today so that will be interesting to watch”.
And indeed, the different competitions were a big part of this event. From breath-taking races on the ground and in the air, to the skills of archers and mages, to great displays of strength in duels and jousts. If you missed the competitions, we encourage you to attend or maybe even participate next year, but for now, the winners of this year:
Winners of the 2nd Grand Tournament: Magical Contest: 1st: Travis Snowdon 2nd: Habato 3rd: Ulfarns Seabearer Ground Race: 1st: Ai’ku 2nd: Loralyn 3rd: Rachel Sky Race: 1st: Khuzan Hornbellow 2nd: Liao of Krasarang 3rd: Gromgul Stormheart Archery: 1st: Vixxee Fangslice 2nd: Alrodan Bloodleaf 3rd: Rilian Sharpsilver Dazzling Wand Duels: 1st: Raelyn Windfire 2nd: Silyse 3rd: Osara Warren Jousting: 1st: Lorsterian Dawnstriker 2nd: Brannus Anderson 3rd: Rogal Brielus Duels: 1st: Hayden Pierce 2nd: Ealyn Silverglow 3rd: Neïva Dawnblood AWGP World Championship: Kori Raine
There is no doubt all the competitions were arranged and run with an air of professionalism and fairness and sportsmanship, well, almost all of them. The AWGP World Championship was another beast entirely and if anyone wants to shout foul (and quite a few did) then we would not be the last people in the world to agree there were some moments which seemed slightly favoured towards one of the wrestlers, but more about that later.
Elanaris and their thoughts on the event: “We arrived not long ago... Though I know a few people that have attended the past couple of days and they just loved it! Already received five gifts from all the wonderful stalls”

Frizz & Sparks Sky Adventures

Besides the official competitions then where was also a number of smaller offers of entertainment. One such option was the Frizz & Sparks Sky Adventures. A quick – and I mean quick – trip of the tournament grounds and nearby area. The ride can best be described as a rollercoaster ride without being on rails. The copter, expertly flown by Eldora Sparks zipped over and under bridges, around mountain tops and I swear she flew upside down one time as well. Luckily, I had not eaten before I went for the trip. It was a quite fun trip, and you ever get the chance then give it a try!
Zhade and their thoughts on the event: “I can say for me. It's the location. Mixing the culture of Pandaria with the available stalls and food.”

The markets

As our most loyal readers know then we recently an in depth article about travelling in Pandaria and their culture and landscapes are a wonder to behold. And just as filled with wonders were the market at the Grand Tournament. A great occasion to buy gifts to others, or to make business if you own a stall. From the finest jewellery made by Ismaa, to impressive armours and weapons made by Genuine Goods and Crafts to relaxing scented soaps and balms to take care of your skin in Soap and Glory. And let us not forget Jack’s Plushies. We visited some of the stores, as it was impossible to visit all, and we were impressed with the quality of the products as well as the amount of them. As we were asking random visitors about their experiences at the Tournament, we ended up accidentally asking one of the stall owners S’thaliel, from Raven’s Riches, which catalogue is worth checking out as they probably have something you need, even if you did not know about it. We asked her what the best part of the tournament is for people looking to sell their wares or services:
S’thaliel, Raven’s Riches: “That would be the consistent amount of interaction here. It is lovingly dazzling to get to know other people here, and -- as recent sales have dictated -- make their hearts melt with our craft.”

We must talk about food

With so many activities, walking around the market and seeing things, one will need to sit and take a break, and maybe get something to eat. Many of the people we asked about the tournament commented on the food, but none was as enthusiastic with food as Cer, a vulpera filled with energy and love for meals: “Of course, the chicken, oh my god! The chicken it’s so yummy and this panda lady has really awesome tea which was delicious!” We love food at the Lion’s Roar, so of course we had to go around trying a bit of everything. The refreshing food from the Maret —with a great selection of juices and light meals to carry around—, the always fresh and changing menu of Blossoming Brews, that included different types of cake every day —our personal top three were apple cinnamon, chocolate, and lime cheesecake— and the always great Yumplings. as always, they were all great in quality and service.


But if you thought that was all one could do here, you are wrong, as we still have a lot more to cover. This tournament made sure to have something for everyone, even for scholars. During four of the five days the tournament lasted, wise and renowned –and less renowned and less wise - speakers gave a series of lectures in the dojo about the fields they know better than most of us. From how to control fire as a pyromancer, a great introduction class by Simetra Shadowshot, to the complexity of different time theories explained in a very visual way by the great Archimage and director of the Kirin Tor Intelligence, Acheleus Moonblaze. As well as introductions to how Chi works and different applications to it by Mei Blackpaw or the importance and the process of picking your Totem by the Spiritwood Tribe. This is just a few of them, and we are glad to inform you that some of these lectures can be found to read in the Argent Archives as well as other libraries and repositories, so if you could not attend personally maybe you can still read it. Sadly, you will be missing the best part of lectures which is being able to ask questions at the end, so if a topic really interests you keep an eye for future talk, especially during the Dalaran Trade Nights every Tuesday.

Music and musicals

We also have to mention the great artistic performances, from concerts by Barovar Sunwhisper and Seo’larin Shadowharp to the opportunity to see two great theatrical plays. Cabbage Ron by the Midnight Theatre, the story of a poor farmer that learns how life in Stormwind is in a hard way, but still filled with comedy as the characters are just too real. To Hercules by The Quill’s Melody, the story of a god made mortal that after progressing to a series of test to become a hero will sacrifice everything for love, a very enjoyable play with great costume design and effects we are still amazed by. If you missed the Hercules play by Quill’s Melody then there is another chance Sunday the 6th at 21:00 in Dalaran at Merchant's Bank, or next Sunday (the 13th) in Stormwind at 21:00 at the Harbour fountain. If you missed Cabbage Ron then you might be out of luck unless they decide to do yet another re-run of their (in my opinion) best play to date. On the last day of the tournament the Fablewind Faire put on a show with varied forms of entertainment. Comedy songs about the side effects of drinking too much tea, performed by Red or A Man’s Best Accessory by Aauiz. Without spoiling it then we can say it was very enjoyable. Tragic yet beautiful melodies like the one performed by Duskstar talking about the pain of being in love and not being loved back or the importance of faithfulness if one does not want to receive the visit of Black Jack’s Lady, performed by Kat as she delighted us with her violin. We also enjoyed the talent of Delaar as a contortionist, the energy of Laryala and her completely sane and safe appreciation for the fire and the great talent as a singer of Six Harrow.

Azeroth Wrestling Grand Prix

Two women. Kori Raine, incumbent champion and Aumellia, The Legend Killer, Goldbirth went head-to-head late Sunday evening. For some it was what the entire tournament had led up to. The massive Kul Tiran champion against the smaller Sin’dorei seemingly made up entirely of muscles and sinew. The two women traded blows for almost an hour, and I had to clean my camera of blood and sweat more than once, and I think some of the sweat came from the referee, rather than from the two wrestlers. Goading the fighters and the audience and acting as emcee for the fight was Realgan Jameson, who spoiled us with gems such as:
Realgan Jameson: Are we all ready for the world to rock harder than a hungover Deathwing? Are we all ready to see fighting skills that will make the shando-pan shed their fur in fear!? Is this a brawl or is it a gossip column? As the working girls of Boralus will tell you, being underneath Kori Raine is not where you want to be! The last time a blood elf moved that fast it was during the wine shortage of '69 Did someone order some lamp oil? Because this large creature of the sea just got harpooned! Watch out folks you're in the splash zone! Tonight on the menu roasted elven thighs!
The fight itself was hectic, both women where down on the floor several times, counting got to two numerous times, but of course only reached three when the final victor was declared. Some in the audience felt the referee was counting a bit too slow when Kori Raine was down for the count and I am not enough of an expert to know if any credence should be given to that claim, or if it was just audience seeing their favorite wrestler losing the fight. Both fighters left the ring to chase their opponent after they got physically thrown out of it by their opponent, and despite the referee seeming mildly upset then he must have missed it between his profuse sweating because despite warning both fighters then he gave them plenty of time to fight outside the ring before they brought it back in. The fight was close, and there were times where we all thought it was over, only for the downed fighter to get back up with renewed energy and turn the tides. It was hectic, bloody, and I am surprised either woman could leave the building and attend the closing ceremony on their own accord. The winner, as stated earlier, was Kori Rainer who gets to keep the champion belt. For now. I do not like brawling and wrestling much, but I have to admit... I was entertained.

Final words

None of this would have been possible without the great organisers and announcers of information during the whole tournament. Thank you Zyretha Snowdawn for putting the time and effort in making all this possible. You and your team made the place filled with life and activities. We will see you all next time. Final note: as we are a small team, we could not cover every lecture, competition, and stall, but we all know that everyone made a great effort. From greeting visitors with a smile, to providing them with a great experience as our questions to people and our own experience has shown. And of course, not only all the organisers, but also the judges of the different competitions. So here is a list with all the judges, shops and speakers involved as the organisers would like to thank you all and we think it is part of our job to include it in our article to make sure everyone’s job is appreciated. From the Lion's Roar there is only one thing left to say: Thank you for four amazing days, see you next year!

The big thank you list

Judges Our Herald, Nomaeori Silverdawn! For the Magic Contest: Shylvaindae Voidrunner, Sinaldra Morrowburn and Azmira. For the Ground Mount race: Modian Goldenfield and the Azeroth Grand Prix racing circuit For the Flying Mount race, a special thank you to the serpent masters of Pandaria for the inspiration and use of their course. For the Archery Contest: Levia Sunstriker and Faelenn Silverhawk. Special thanks to both for their help both this year and last, and creating our systems for running and scoring the event. For the Dazzling Wand Contest: Shylvaindae Voidrunner. Special thanks to the Night Elven communities for the inspiration via their Moonball game. For the Joust: Astran Dawnhaven, Thalia Cinderspear, Nomaeori Silverdawn, Cinthor and Tialis Roseheart. Special thanks to Jack Asheton and Juniper Stites for the original rules system and refinements. For the Duels: Kori Raine, Faelenn Silverhawk, Shylvaindae Voidrunner, Nomaeori Silverdawn Cinthor, Rogmasha Thundercaller, Agrail Steelhorn and Velravyn Ashforge. Lecturers and Teachers For “The Elements of Pandaria”, Farseer Jin Spiritfoot. For “The Many Facets of a Gryphon”, Grongul Stormheart. For “The Burdens And Joys of Magic”, Edith Lampfire. For “Pyromancy, how not to burn yourself”, Simetra Shadowshot. For “Practical First Aid for Non-Magic Users”, Shylvaindae Voidrunner. For “The Children of Aman’Thul: Timekeepers and Timebreakers”, Acheleus Moonblaze. For “An Introduction to Chi: Fundamentals and Basic Applications”, Yuan-Mei Blackpaw. For “The Wonderful World of Illusions”, Lady Everlin. For “Breaking Physical Constraints on the Body Advanced Prosthetics Research Notes”, Six Harrow. Finally for the Totem Carving session, Akulé Foresthorn and the rest of the Spiritwood Tribe. Entertainers and shows Vivian for her musical performance in the opening ceremony. Neïva Dawnblood for her performance in the opening ceremony. Barovar Sunwhisper and Seolarin for their live concerts on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Fizz and Sparks’ Sky Adventures for their aerial tours of the grounds and forest. The cast and crew of the Midnight Theatre for their performance of Cabbage Ron. The Fablewind Faire for their set of musical acts to open this evening’s entertainment, and an “in advance” for the closing ceremony. The cast and crew of Hercules, headed up by the Quill’s Melody. The crew behind, referee Mauro Dawncastle, Announcer Raelgan Jameson and both competitors in the AWGP world title match. As well as all the other street musicians such as Shredding Accordingly and many more! Traders Raven's Riches, Faraway Bazaar, Ismaa’s jewellery, T.K. studios, Migi's Wondrous Alchemcial Emporium. Magical Sweets and Snacks, Little Badlands, Genuine Goods and Crafts. Soap and Glory, Jack Silver's Oddities, The Dustcloud Corporation for additional security requirements, Clan Stormheart, Bronzebrew Meaderies, The Toybox, Yumplings, Ra'Yih's armour smithy, Confectus Imaginarium. Mama Mei’s Noodle cart, The Enchanted Rose Faire and Myrekyll Manajack’s kitchen, Dead Man’s Chest, as well as all the other traders who have passed through the grounds! Thank you also to the Lion’s Roar for their press coverage of the event. A few special thanks for their incredibly extensive service go to the Blossoming Brews, the Maret, and Merchant’s Last Coin for their extended bar service, as well as our official bookmaker Eiondel De’loren