t was somewhere around eleven and a half bells when I was going home after a long meeting at our office. I passed through the Cathedral Square, expecting another calm quiet evening, but instead I found a big group of people around it and several guards around. At first, I did not notice much, but soon a rotten smell hit me, I looked around and found one of the guards covered in what seemed blood, but not fresh, it was very strange. As I approached - an unidentified Ren’dorei who was not wearing any uniform told me that there will be “no comments” and “to keep moving”, all this before I even opened my mouth. This only made me more curious, of course, so I started to ask people around for what happened. According to several witnesses - at least one corpse, though some people pointed there were at least two, fell from the sky in a rotten decomposing state. Some of them also mentioned the corpse had a note attached, but none of the witnesses could read it. Seeing that the guards were from the Echo Company I made my way to their headquarter and waited until I could speak with Lieutenant Commander Preston. Once he was free, he gave the following statement: Lieutenant Commander Preston: “It’s... really not a lot, I'll be honest. However, we're launchin' a case into it, it's very high up our priority list; I'd also like you to note that we're urging anyone that saw anythin' to come forward to us. Finally, if anyone can identify the victims, we need that. One was an older gent, average height an' weight, in his fifites, maybe sixties. He was covered in tattoos, sandy, worn boots and tanned skin hintin' at a life in Westfall. Medium length grey hair, an' a short beard an' 'tache. Brown eyed, too, though blind in one eye. The second gent was called Dave van Venne, aged forty-three, male, Kul Tiran. Born in Elwynn, profession suspected to be some kind of farmer due to physicalities. Two meters in height, around two-hundred kilos in weight; eyes are hazel in colour, the hair is dark an' slowly greyin' an a similar beard, with no moustache.” He also confirmed that there was a note but did not comment on the content of it. We will keep our eyes and ears open to update you on this case and of course will welcome any information by any witness but we urge you to also seek out the guards and give them your statement.