ast Saturday the floating city hosted the largest ball I have seen this season, and the Lion's Roar was of course present. Not only to talk to guests about their outfits (Thank you Kazia!) but also to ask the important questions. The kind of questions you have to ask at a fancy ball. The questions all you, dear readers, are dying to know the answer to. We caught a few people as they arrived at the ball, we start off with Archmage Snowdawn who took the question in stride and gave a quick reply. H. Lester: "Archmage Snowdawn, what do you say about the rumors that you have a miniature version of the stormwind castle at home staffed with murloc dolls, including murloc versions of King Anduin and Genn Greymane?" Archmage Snowdawn: "Don't be silly. My daughter has a minature set of the Violet Citadel instead." H. Lester: "I see. And what can you tell us about the dress you are wearing tonight?" Archmage Snowdawn: "It's actually an old favourite of mine. It maches up with one my wife owns and will be wearing." H. Lester: "Very well. Thank you for your time." The next victi.. I mean guest we talked to was Loundre Tealshore, it went like this: H. Lester: "Tealshore. I have a question for you" Loundre Tealshore: "Oh?" H. Lester: "If I gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?" Loundre Tealshore: "Yes! Eh... uhm...I would probably hide it in a very rocky landscape with big, enormous boulders." H. Lester: "Thank you. Enjoy the ball." Loundre Tealshore: "I certainly will! Thank you for the amusing question." A little hesitation, but I suppose it is a question one does not generally have planned answers for, next up is a young gnome woman who has been doing her rounds at social events lately. Kirra Twinklebell. H. Lester: "Madam!" Kirra Twinklebell: "Hello" H. Lester: "There has been some numbers thrown around, but maybe you can help us out, how many hats do you actually own?!" Kirra Twinklebell: "hummm, what?" H. Lester: "Hats. How many do you own? it is all over the city, huge debate. The readers need to know." Kirra Twinklebell: "None, actually." H. Lester: "Oh! there is a surprise, money lost and money won. Thank you." Kirra Twinklebell: "you're welcome Sir" A little confusion, not sure if it was the question, of the fact the press was talking to her. Still, she took it in stride and gave a reply. On to another gnome! H. Lester: "Deedi!" Deedi Dirgefuse: "Good evening Hardhy and Halite." H. Lester: "Looking amazing, where did you get that outfit?" Deedi Dirgefuse: "It is my fancy pants outfit, I keep for fancy pants occasions." H. Lester: "I assume it includes.. fancy pants?" Deedi Dirgefuse: "Among others, like fancy belts, shirts and hats." H. Lester: "Good luck in the best gown contest!" More about Deedi and her outfit later. We move on to Raelyn Windfire: H. Lester: "Ma'am. Several readers wants to know, what is your favourite colour socks to wear?" Raelyn Windfire: "Wh- I uh- Don't wear socks." H. Lester: "Ah! That answers that I suppose!" Alright. There you have it dear readers. Raelyn does not wear socks! As far as entertaining reactions goes, the next one was quite amusing! H. Lester: "Sir! Windfarer! Tavari! A moment if you have!" Siavash Windfarer: "Sure!" H. Lester: "I got a question for each of you. Tavari, If you were a gummybear, what colour would you be? and why?" H. Lester: "And for you Windfarer, is it true that you hired an animal to play the violin for you in your study? and why a monkey?" Tavari Dawnwalker: "I would be green, because Fel is green. Also because I like plants." Siavash Windfarer: "What? No.. Where did you get that from?" H. Lester: "You know. People talk. It is our job to hear these things" Siavash Windfarer: "wow.. yesterday someone believed I was a cultist.. when will this come to an end?" H. Lester: "So is that a denial?" Tavari Dawnwalker: "Are we gonna keep quiet about Luna in the study then?" H. Lester: "Luna! I see. Interesting" Siavash Windfarer: "Luna is a -cat-! ...and she doesn't play a violin!" Tavari Dawnwalker: "A cat. Her mewls are very on point." H. Lester: "Yet... Do enjoy the ball though." Tavari Dawnwalker: "You too." Siavash Windfarer: "Likewise, mister Lester!" We are reaching the end of the list, next up is Evie Blackwater who took our odd question and gave a no-nonsense reply. H. Lester: "Evening" Evie Blackwater: "Heylo!" H. Lester: "Our readers are eager to know your position on pudding? With or without tomato sauce?" Evie Blackwater: "I don't like tomatoes." H. Lester: "Thank you. Do enjoy the ball." Anyone else would have needed at least a moment to process the question, but by luck, she found it easy as she does not like tomatos. What about you dear reader? Pudding with or without tomato sauce? While you ponder that we move on to the last one. Chief Investigator Juniper Stites. H. Lester: "Chief Investigator Stites, is it true you spend quite a fortune on personal trainers so your pet duck can ride an unicycle?" Chief Inspector Stites (while laughing): "I'm afraid that's not true, I don't have a pet duck! It is an idea to consider for the worgs however." H. Lester: "I see. Well, do enjoy the ball." Chief Inspector Stites (while still laughing): "You too Mister Hardhy!" And there you have it, we had a few more questions we planned to ask, but there just wasn't time as it was time to mingle a bit, talk to some people and get ready for the gown contest. While I was hitting up the snacks tables, our very own Kazia was out interrogating people on their fashion choices.

Glimmer Sparkfizzle

Kazia Hayworth: "Why did you pick this outfit?" Glimmer Sparkfizzle: "I dont really know, it went with my limbs and fit me well so it was a no brainer." Kazia Hayworth: "Do you consider yourself fashionable and keep up with the fashion trends?" Glimmer Sparkfizzle: "Not in the slightest most clothes i buy i have to modify so they fit my mechano limbs so being fashionable can be quite hard." Kazia Hayworth: "You dont think theres clothes adapted for mechagnomes? " Glimmer Sparkfizzle: "theres isnt much fashion adapted so we make our own usually." Kazia Hayworth: "How would you define your style?" Glimmer Sparkfizzle: "I dont have one I just uusally wear armor"


Kazia Hayworth: "Tell me about your attire " Mokra: "Not much to tell except that this is my first real 'attire' so to say, i just picked a strong color to work with. Red is a color of passion. And i feel like a dumbass, sort of." Kazia Hayworth: "On a daily basis, how would you define your style?" Mokra: "My style? Ehum.. Rough, mostly heavy armour I usually never go anywhere without it.

Sindovia Kaltris

Kazia Hayworth: "Tell me about your attire " Sindovia Kaltris: "Well, its nothing special. Just an old outfit I had left over back home, its not my usual style as I prefer wearing... well simpler outfits is perhaps the best way to describe it. Though I heard there was going to be some more fancy dress code here tonight so I dug it out of my wardrobe. Personaly I would rather have worn a simple shirt and pants comboination, feels more natural to me. But guess one ought to bring some... dazzle out sometimes aswell." Kazia Hayworth: "What colours did you choose and why?" Sindovia Kaltris: "Well, blue. But besides that white, red and I do have a very strong like of silver. Just think silver jewelery fits well with my skin I guess."
At this point it was time for the main event, the gown contest, which turned out encompassing more than just gowns. 23 people had entered the contest, and while they all looked amazing then it was up to the judges to pick three winners. First, second and third place. It cannot have been easy.


Laurenn Coldshade Paula Goldenbough Deedi Dirgefuse Jillix Fizzlefingers Faelenn Silverhawk Caelsalia Everhope Tialis Roseheart Sarah K. Sandcog Liliana Ranthos Firescar Sylvariah Stardusk Calenne Yenaria Dawnfire Korrin Nerae Misaaya Raven Melaidhrin Shylindae Blackwater Valara Tal'an Aelthara Crystalsong April Leaf Hexette Trickywack
I admit I found this part of the ball a bit tiresome and boring - it took a bit too long time, perhaps there should have been fewer contestants or the introduction of each one should have been speedier. I don't know, but Id be doing a bad job if I wasn't being honest about it. As mentioned then the judges had to find three winners. Third place went to Faelenn Silverhawk. The second place winner was Tialis Roseheart. And the first place went to Deedi Dirgefuse for her "fancy-pants" outfit. The night ended with fireworks outside in Dalaran, and the streets of the magic city quickly flooded as the Ball turned into a street-party and continued late into the night.