e all go to bars, taverns, restaurants, and nowadays, street food stalls are becoming rather popular too. Everyone has a place they specially like, a bartender, a waitress or an owner they know, in some cases someone they like talking with. There is always someone there, serving us, recommending things, they even learn what we like so we can just order saying, “the same as always”. In this article we aim to hear them, to know what stories they saw while working, to know a bit more about our city, from their eyes.


We start out with two stories from the two sisters running Yumplings. A street food stall focussing on pandaren food. You can find them Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 20:00 and onwards. Sometimes also during the weekends. "Well, there was this man that came to our stand a few times. Friendly and everything, a nice customer to have. But there were several instances where he made sure the night became rather interesting. The first time he came to the stand for example, he bought some noodles, but since he didn't know how to work with the chopsticks, he had a hard time. He didn't want to use any of the other cutlery either, so he started to just drink the noodles. Until he suddenly disappeared behind the counter, coughing hard. Luckily, all went well, but he almost choked on those noodles. But that wasn't the best story either, he has this parrot you see..." After a proper short pause for suspension, they went on.. "It's always on his shoulder. He ordered one of our desserts once and the parrot stole his food, gobbled it down before he had the chance to interfere. So, he started choking it. Not the best view, but before we could do something to get in between, the parrot coughed up a gold coin! He then bought more of the dessert for the pour animal." “Another story I can remember of our piraty figure, is when he was seemingly trying to woo a lady. He offered to buy her anything she wanted, but when it was time to pay, he asked her to go stand a bit further. So, he offered to pay for whatever she ordered, but when we said how much it would cost him, he asked the lady to stand at the tree, a bit further. He then proceeds to ask us to take off the items he has ordered. It seemed he didn't bring enough money. Luckily for him a friendly Pandaren offered to pay, so he could still bring over the entire order. He then walked over to the lady again, and we heard her asking why she had to stand away. He then proceeds to tell her he had to fart!” As many already know these two sisters offer great Pandaren food, a great stop if you like the food, are in a rush going somewhere or if you just do not want to cook that night.

The Crimson:

The Crimson is a bar in the Tram. We covered the opening here in the paper. Great ambience, fun themes, and since May, they do even more stuff: bobbing for apples to get a prize, brawl a staff member (you might get free drinks for you all night and for whoever that came with you) and at nine bells there is a costume contest based in the theme of the night. For those that has go there yet it opens every Thursday at eight bells, and you get half price in drinks if you go in the theme. Even in the short time they have been open there has been time for stories to happen, as Mia told me: "I got a couple in here the other week, real sailor looking, and I was doing my rounds, cheeking in on people and making sure no one needed a drink. And I went up to this table to get told "no, we want the other bartender". But he was busy, so they were stuck with me, and they were not happy. They kept saying "get the other guy", "send him on over", "he'll know what we want". When I wouldn’t budge and told them "he’s busy, it’s me or no drinks", the one got up looking like he was going to start a fight, until I informed them fighting the boss of the joint there drinking in, won’t do them any good. They soon calmed down and ordered something before ordering the... male company of my friend."

The Golden Keg:

Another popular place is The Golden Keg, quite affordable both in food and rooms. Here we find the daily manager, Felica, working. You can find her on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from eight till midnight but the staff include more people than her. This is a lovely story, Felica met her partner while working here: "I met my partner when I started working her. And she still visits me most shifts, I tend to give her a free ale. We meet at the Winterveil before last. So, over a year going. Even got her a custom-made mug just for here. Just for her." This is how that lovely story started: "Well, I met Zhak (Zhakariah, the previous daily manage who still lurks around, but has cut back a lot on his working hours) on the Poetry nights, then knew he worked here as I used to come for tea after the poems. We had met before and walked here together, we were talking and then left on good terms. I didn't get the job right away I had a trial phase. Well, Zhak started Ghost walks, we had that as our first proper date. And when the walk ended, I ended up walking home with her. We still treat the Ghost walks as a date night. She just keeps me company on those stressful nights or helps when I need it. And I don't think I would still be here if she didn't appear on the other end of the bar so often." But of course, in a place that has been going on for so long there are also other not so nice stories, in this case coming from those supposed to help us, but Felica does know how to stand her ground… "I very nearly was able to blackmail the City Watch. So, the Watch had a scam, they would come in saying they needed Keg samples. For some reason. Enforcing this on a bunch of the bars. That gave in. I was waiting for it to happen to me. And it did. A few watchmen came in asking for a sample. And I was going to just give them a drop of it. So, I said that I would serve the drinks, but as a business I need to be paid for my goods. Can't lose coin for something I need to do, can I? And I was going to open a tab, which need to be signed for. So, I wrote it up like every other one, expect this was a debt. The paper is before them, and one of the lads admits they just wanted a drink, that didn't matter. Sadly, they needed to leave before signing. So, do you know what would happen if they signed? I would have proof of them trying to drink on duty, and the names down as proof. I could then refuse any payment due to the means they tried to scam me out of the drinks. Go to every bar and work out a tally for the amount lost. And have the bill ever increase."

The Pig and Whistle:

Finally, another classic place, The Pig and Whistle tavern, you might have attended their latest barbeque or maybe the events they have organised during Children’s Week. The manager, Yazmin, has been working here for years and in a place so well known there are many stories, from drunk people going around almost naked to those confusing the basement with a bathroom. But here is the most… uncommon story Yazmin told me: "I 'ad just started my job at the Pig and Whistle working for the infamous Hank Tipper and his team. We had a certain punter that use to come into the tavern all the time. 'e walked in the tavern one eve' with a large surprise down 'is pants. After trying to get 'im to tell us what it was it turned out to be a cucumber.. now don't ask me why. We didn't bother askin'. It was strange enough. I think a week must of past and we 'ad some event going on in the tavern. The punter with the cucumber was flirtin' with a lass all nigh'. I remember lookin' up and seein' the lass with 'er hands down 'e's pants. She removes the rotten cucumber and takes a large bite from it.. I've never been so disgusted in my life but I couldn't look away"