he meeting in the Royal Court on Monday ended on a slightly different note than usual. Instead of a teddy-ous meeting then we instead saw a petitioner to the court get mauled by the High Lord Chancellor. No amount of pandaring fur the court helped. The people in attendance at the Royal Court meeting was bearing witness to a talking bear talking about ekoalaty and pawsitivety as he petitioned the court for citizenship and equal rights. Unfortunately, the situation quickly turned grizzly and the paw bear - by the name of Berrington, quickly saw his hopes of an ursome outcome turn into a much more unbearable result, where the talking bear was almost escorted out of the room as his bearhavior and pawsturing was out of line according to the High Lord Chancellor who was chairing the meeting. Rumours has it Berrington has been talking to a local bearister about his unbearing situation, unfortunately it seems it did him little good and fur all we know, then for all pawsterity then he is denied citizenship. Okay, now the puns are out of the way, here is rest of the story. The bear supposedly got exposed to Kaja’mite, a type of ore possessively sought and controlled by goblins. According to the people we talked to and the information we could find, then exposure can lead to various side-effects. From hallucination to, yes, a higher degree of intelligence. This is supposedly the origin of the bear's sentience - but it is also known to fade in time, turning the bear back into an ordinary member of its race. Unless the bear somehow got its hand on a large stash of Kaja’mite then it seems the court made the right decision of not granting the bear citizenship based on a temporary condition. For now, we will consider the story bearied.