he event, held last week in the Mistfall Village, was the closing act of a month that the Greyheart Enclave dedicated to raising money for The Orphans of the Horde and The Westfall Relief Programme. It was the first event of this kind they organised, and it is safe to say it gave great results in terms of raising funds and attendance as people from all parts of Azeroth could be seen. During the whole event people visited the market, different stands were open selling anything from sweets to potions and jewellery. But the great event was clearly the fashion show. Each designer was given a theme, Lara Duskleaf, organiser of the event and designer, was the first to show her work inspired around seasons. She was followed by Khari, who inspired in Azeroth and all it is different places and finally Daras Phoenix, who aimed to take the mundane and make it exciting. All the designs seen during the show could be later bought as the designer donated them for this cause. After the fashion show we asked Lara Duskleaf her reasons for doing this event:
“Ah! Well, the main reason we came up with this idea is because the Greyheart Enclave is focused on protecting those who cannot protect themselves. We've done a lot of protection of innocents and so on... but we wanted to introduce the idea of charity-aid as well.”
And we also asked about the outcome so far and the difficulties of putting together bards, designers, and sellers for the event:
“It has been an amazing turnout. It makes all the difficulties of getting volunteers and merchants and performers together. It was the first event that myself and my co-organiser - Daras - held and even if some moments were quite hair-pullingly stressful... it has worked out. The designers were the harder part. We already had good contacts with the bards present tonight - either through mutual friends or previous work with them. With the designers though... It was hard because you don't find that many fashion designers out and about in the world these days.”
A strong great start that was followed by a Hearthstone Tournament organised by Scott O’Riley, also known as the “Gamblemaster”. The competition was thrilling, it put together some really great players that with some help of Lady Luck managed to sometimes make a complete turn of how the game was going, making those watching suffer until the last minute to know the result. The winner was Gaily Gearcrusher, with Tyron Grawthren in second place and Drakonn Spineshatter in third. It is nice to say that it was also filled with respect between the players, that had a good time together and maybe even made a new friend once the game was over. Finally, those enjoying some shopping, tired after such an exciting day or maybe still with energy to have more fun, could enjoy the performance Seo’larin Shadowharp, who seems to be getting more and more popular each day, but there is no doubt why for those who have heard him play. After the final speech, the night was closed with some beautiful fireworks celebrating and thanking everyone for their effort and hard work for such a noble cause.