ister William Forge is an official at the Royal Court and he is concerned about the lack of representation for the ordinary citizens of the Kingdom. Even if the Court meetings at the Keep every Monday at 20:30 are open to the public he feels they don't quite do the job. So, he has come up with an idea how to help people raise their voice, get involved, get to know about their rights, and the things happening. As well as petitioning the Royal Court to help solve their day-to-day problems. We asked him to tell us more about this project. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: What is the public forum, exactly? Mister Forge: First and foremost, it's about clearly defining our rights as citizens. Such can only come from the people and then passed by the Court... Court can't do both. And after that? Should things go well, then it is about giving the people a louder voice and a greater representation as one. As Lorewalker Hiyorin said; "We ambassadors do our best to represent our kin in this court, but the people of Stormwind have no such representation in their own court". Gaedryel Ravenbreath: And how do you expect this to work? In like how to organise it so everyone can raise their concerns, but I guess some sort of order is still needed to ensure that everyone can be heard. Mister Forge: I have given it some thought and there are two ways I can see it functioning... Either, to have representatives of each region be present. Honest people, loyal but an undying spirit and dedication to their people. These representatives would either be chosen, hired, or even voted by the people themselves from their respective regions. The other? Well, a bit more chaotic perhaps. Anyone is free to attend, everyone carries the same vote and the same voice... In any case, the chair is held by a member of the Royal Court. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: And which one would you prefer? Mister Forge: As I understand it, both carry their own advantages and disadvantages. The second would surely encourage more of the people to speak up and participate, however, the forum needs to be kept as orderly as possible otherwise, the vision of crown and people working together might not be possible. Either way, I hope it will carry the same results... Afterall, anyone is free to attend the first option too. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: And do you think there might be any problem in terms of lack of knowledge or understanding about how the Court works when it comes to petitions? Like people requesting things that are being done already, for example. Mister Forge: I don't, truth be told. If anything, it might help... I can't really speak whether or not that is the case, but his concern has been brought forward and thus, it must be taken into consideration. If anything, I believe there is a degree of alienation between the court and the people, I also believe that a people's forum might combat that alienation, and thus, bring the two institutions closer together. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: How often would you like the people's forum to convene? Mister Forge: What I like doesn't matter... It's about how often we -need- to do a people's forum. I would say, should the first form be the one we go with, then once a week akin to the Royal Court or once every two weeks. Should it be the second form? Then whenever it is called, should a motion need to be discussed or anything else that needs the people's attention. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Apart from what you already mentioned, is there any other thing or reason that made you have this idea? Mister Forge: The people's court were only a lingering thought I had once I understood how little they were actually represented in the court regarding a few motions that were passed... Though the scandal of Lysandré caused me to act, for I found it appalling that not even I or the people I asked in its aftermath knew of a single right that would protect me legally against such corrupt authority. Such rights must be drafted through the people and thus, the formation of a people's forum... Or court. We're still a bit iffy on the name. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Any long-term goal you have this project? Mister Forge: That's up to the people, I believe... Afterall, there was a bit of backlash to this proposal and thus I believe things are best taken one at a time. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Anything you'd like to say to encourage people to participate once it starts or about the project itself? Mister Forge: Of course. That for all our talk of blue and red blood, it's all metaphorical. We bleed the same, and thus our voices sound the same and only reason determines the loudest voice that moves us to the things we do, the things we believe. Be that reason, be that voice and make that difference. The Royal Court has assembled a special committee to discuss the matter. It is being chaired by Lord High Chancellor, Count Didonus L.M. Essington himself and the first meeting is on Sunday.
Editor’s Note: The Lion’s Roar would have loved to attend said meeting, report on it for you but unfortunately the meeting is held behind closed doors. The irony of a meeting to discuss a forum for the people, being held without said people being able to attend is not lost on us, and while – as mentioned – the meeting is behind closed doors – then I see nothing wrong with gathering in the vicinity of said meeting as a show of support for Mister Forge, and his struggle to give us, the citizens of the Kingdom, better representation, and better rights. If you have nothing important to do on Sunday, then why not come join me and others at 21:00 for a small show of support outside the Keep. If the meeting gets moved to a different location – we follow. I will bring jigsaw puzzles and maybe some local food vendors, and musicians can be convinced to show up. -Hardhy Lester