ast night a gnome prankster was swiftly killed by an unknown knife thrower. The gnome, known around the city for being an annoying prankster who goes to extremes in his attempts at practical jokes, was killed in Stormwind's Mage district. and no, it was not "just a joke bro". It all started with me standing in line at the city's newest street-food-fad, Yumplings. Everyone who is anyone know of them now and the queue to get served some of their yummyliscious yummy yumness grows longer by the day. But I digress. As I was standing in line a shout was heard, something about a murder near the Mage Tower. The person shouting was - I later learned - on their way to the guards to report it. Despite my growling stomach, my empty belly, my food craving soul and... well you get the point, despite me being hungry I left my spot in the queue and ran for the mage quarter. News trumps food, well most times anyway. As I arrived, I saw a gnome laying on the ground. Dead as a doornail. A knife in his back and two Twin Tail officers at the scene. The usual few people with a curious streak, and a witness were also present. I'll spare you the details of the grizzly crime scene - but sufficient is to say that eventually a body bag was fetched, and Commander Thorogood of Twin Tails Company showed up to take charge of the scene and soon after the witness and body was ferried away for an autopsy. I asked around in the local shops, like the Hummingbird Emporium, but unfortunately everyone had been busy with their work and had not seen anything. I later had a chance to talk to the witness, Elias and he had the following to say: H. Lester: Can you tell me what you saw earlier? Elias: I can. I was walking down the pathway from the Lamb towards the Mages Tower when I saw the dead body lying on the pathway below the Tower Bridge. It had a knife in it's back and blood all around. He was face down. I have known this Gnome before, don't know his name but he tends to form elaborate tricks to take people by surprise. I prodded him to check if he was faking but he didn't move, so I checked his pulse and sure enough, he was dead. There was a throwing knife in his back, and it looked like it had been hurled from the tree nearest to the Western Exit out of the Tower Grounds. I secured the area, called the Guards, and then you lot all turned up. He also explained how the guards (Twin Tails in this case) initially got the wrong impression of what had taken place. They assumed he had been stabbed, and as a result they did not initially investigate the location where the knife was thrown from. H. Lester: That is a pity, did you try to tell them that when they took you in for a statement? Elias: I did, and they were receptive, but perhaps a little embarrassed that they might have missed the detail. I don't know. Far from it for me to criticize. H. Lester: Of course, I was just curious. Let’s hope they went back to check then. So, who killed the gnome? a faire artist gone rogue? a trained assassin hired by a conglomerate of people hating practical jokes? (where can I join?!) or was it just a lucky throw from an angsty teenager with more knifes than common sense? Your guesses are as good as mine, but I will follow the case and inform you if there is news!