eing a large (no pun intended) spokesperson for good food it came natural to me to interview the leaders of the Culinary Academy when I heard about their existence, had a taste of their food, and realized they are opening a restaurant. I met up with them in Stormwind an early Saturday evening. H. Lester: "So, start by introducing yourself" Doogan Emberhearth: "Doogan Emberhearth To mos' ah es knoon as Doogan or Firebeard." H. Lester: "Can you try to speak as clearly as possible?" To this question the Doogen nodded, much to my relief. H. Lester: "And you Ma'am?" Shyan Ai' Lian: "Shyan Ai' Lian, Just the first works though!" So of course I used the full name. H. Lester: "And you are opening a new restaurant?" Doogan Emberhearth: "Aye. In Dawn's Blossum." H. Lester: "Pandaria? isn't that a bit out of the way?" Doogan Emberhearth: "It is a central hub of travel as many stop by on their way to Tian Monastery." H. Lester: "Restaurants open almost daily, what makes yours special?" Shyan Ai' Lian: "We open for limited times and offer local ingredients sourced to make interesting thematic menus and dishes, often in new fusions of styles and dishes? but thats just meal wise, theres more that can be done to a restaurant that just serving food i assure ya" H. Lester: "More? such as?" Shyan Ai' Lian: "Aside from being an academy? Hopefully an entire food network? possibilities are endless, and we're sure gonna try all the roads." Doogan Emberhearth: "Och ehm. Wat Shy means es. We es usin' this as an academy tae git more citizens into cookin'." H. Lester: "Woah, back up, an academy?" Doogan Emberhearth: "Ahemn, tae start oor oon academy." H. Lester: "So is it an academy or a restaurant?" Doogan Emberhearth: "Et es a restaurant initiative we are startin' up tae gather funds an' interest in oor academy." H. Lester: "So it is the first step so to speak? What is the academy about then?" Doogan Emberhearth: "Teachin' people hoo to cook." Shyan Ai' Lian: "Whatever else?" Doogan Emberhearth: "Ah mean. We cood jus' be teachin' em th' theory. Nae th' practical experience." H. Lester: "And is that going to take place in Dawns Blossom as well?" Doogan Emberhearth: "Nae. We es in th' talks wit' th' Mages o' Dalaran." H. Lester: "So Restaurant in Dawn's Blossom and Academy in Dalaran is the plan?" Again, a nod as confirmation. H. Lester: "Tell me a bit about the restaurant, what sort of cuisine are you planning?" Doogan Emberhearth: "Ah shiftin' menu each week. Sometimes organized by us sometimes by a visitin' guest chef." H. Lester: "Speaking of that, what are your opening hours looking like?" Doogan Emberhearth: "Seventh bell tae ninth bell. Fridae, Saturdae an' Sundae." H. Lester: "So every weekend from seven to nine?" Another nod, but this time followed by a vocalisation of said nod. Doogan Emberhearth: "Aye." H. Lester: "So if menu changes weekly, you can't give some examples of dishes being served?" Doogan Emberhearth: "We can give a review of the dishes for oor openin', this next weekend." H. Lester: "You open Saturday at 7 then?" You guessed it. Another nod. H. Lester: "How many seated guests will there be room for?" Doogan Emberhearth: "15." H. Lester: "Alright, anything else you want to add?" Doogan Emberhearth: "Aye. That this pop up restaurant is done in collaboration with the Rarities Tradin' Company whom we wish to than' for their willingness to work with us an' allooin' us to use their space." H. Lester: "I seen you around at a few events, will you still be doing catering at events?" A... nod. H. Lester: "Not worried that will be a problem during weekends?" Doogan Emberhearth: "We already have new chefs lined up to handle both." H. Lester: "That is good to hear." They then proceeded to heat up some leftover burgers and I took a few pictures of them working before grabbing a couple of the burgers. If you got nothing better to do on Saturday night, then stop by the new restaurant in Dawn's Blossom and try out their food. I know I will be stopping by soon to have a taste.