here were recently some rumours about the Captain Royston’s ship being shipwrecked in Tol Barad, this ship carried Vincent Graham, a pirate recently captured that was waiting to be judged. I was outside the office this Saturday when someone, a source that prefers to not have their name in the paper, informed me that this wasn’t a rumour. I invited this source to have a talk about what happened exactly. Anonymous source: The rumors are true. Captain Royston's ship has been attacked on route to Stormwind, transporting Vincent Graham. The got attacked by pirate ships, and all shipwrecked at Tol Barad. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: And what happened with Graham and Royston? Anonymous source: Royston wasn't on the ship at the time. You see, Captain Royston wanted the rank of an Admiral from the Alliance Navy for his victories over the pirates in Kul Tiras and even before. He sank fourteen pirate ships during his career. After tough negotiations, he was finally given the rank and he took four ships from Stormwind to meet his pirate hunting ship on the sea, the Blue Eagle, that was captained by his second, officer Theobald Braxton. But they were too late, the Blue Eagle has gone off the course, running away from the pirate ships that started pursuing them and they lead them to the shallow waters of Tol Barad, hoping to make them shipwreck against the underwater rocks. Vincent Graham was freed and all of the crew on the Blue Eagle were killed. As you can imagine, this didn't sit well with the Alliance Navy nor the Royal Court. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: I'm deeply sorry to hear about the deaths of those soldiers. My condolences. Anonymous source: Thank you miss. It was Captain Royston's own fault for putting them in danger. If he wasn't so busy pursuing his own goals here in Stormwind he could have waited for the escort to come to Boralus. Instead, he ordered the Blue Eagle to set sail, eager to get officially inducted among the ranks of the other Admirals. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: I understand... So do you think this was some friend of Graham? After we did an interview with Captain Royston the papers were brought and accused Royston of being corrupted, do you think they were after him instead? And... between us, is there any truth in those accusations? Anonymous source: It could be Graham's right-hand man, Nathaniel Williams who organized the attack. But they have left no evidence. A few of us weren't in favor of him getting promoted to the rank of an Admiral in the first place, for the rumors of his ruthless methods and bending the law to get the ones he pursues have been accumulating. There is no concrete proof, but the rumors are many. What I want you to write is that Captain Royston's admiral rank was revoked. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: I assume due to the losses him not being present and focused caused, right? Anonymous source: Yes, and the deal was struck that he is promoted to the rank of an Admiral when he delivers Graham, which hasn't happened. After a series of long and grueling meetings with the Navy and the Royal Court, it has been decided that Royston will be moved out of Stormwind, out of the spotlight, and work to redeem himself back into the Navy. He has been stripped of his rank as a Captain of the Navy, his request to be given another ship declined. But Royston's ability to get the job is undeniable, however questionable his methods may be. It was decided that he is to be transferred to be the next captain of the Boralus guards as his investigative work is unprecedented. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Boralus, right where those that would want to go after him are? Anonymous source: He is to go back and finish the job. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: And will he still have a chance to get his Admiral position later or just go back to where he was? Anonymous source: There is the unsolved case of a murdered guard in Boralus from a few weeks ago that was found chopped up in a barrel, so the Admiralty agreed to let Captain Royston be transferred to help the guards. There have also been a few cases of prisoners escaping from the barracks under suspicious circumstances. Royston's future status will be discussed in the coming months, depending on how he does in Boralus. I will just say if Royston wasn't so selfish and vain with his ambitions and delivered Graham straight away this whole disaster could have been avoided. Instead, Royston withheld Graham for weeks until he got what he wanted and in doing so gave pirates the time to organize the reprisal. He even threatened to hand Graham over to Boralus authorities if we didn't concede to his terms. As you can see Vincent Graham is once again free, according to some, due to Captain Royston putting ambition over his duty on his mission to deliver the prisoner. And it seems there’s more about those accusations of corruption against the Captain. We will keep an eye open for any information related to the case.