t was around five when I heard a scream calling for guards to come to the park, near the Mage Quarter, as this is quite close to our office I decided to check it out. Apparently, a gnome died. He ran into a sword. Strange, sad, but accidents happen, and the City Watch was already on it, so I went back to the office. Not ten minutes later a large explosion could be heard from the Stockades. I quickly ran out to check, and so did other people. Seeing the situation was still ongoing I decided to take a step back to let the help come and help anyone injured. A few minutes later there was another explosion. It was hectic, people helping, healers rushing to the hurt people and others asking people passing by to stay well away from the Stockades. Since the situation seemed to be as much under control as possible, I decided to ask some of the witnesses what they had seen, but the information I got wasn’t very clear so I decided to let some time pass and let the situation calm before going back in the search for witnesses. This is what one of them told me. Kal'athe Saberfang: Oh. Yeah, I have a vague idea. There were two gnomes. Each had bombs on 'em. One of them was killed. Managed to somehow still activate the bomb. Boom. Huge explosion. Good thin' I was far enough for it not hurt me. There was also another gnome, who I think had their legs cut off. After this, I decided to search for the member of the City Watch I had seen earlier and see what he could tell me about it. I found Corporal Omar Noonshade who kindly answered some questions: Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Well, I heard the explosions at the Stockades, as our office is near it and I was wondering if you could tell me what happened. I heard about some gnomes fighting and dying. Corporal Noonshade: That's right, miss. It was some of the Togglecogs, a band of gnomish criminals, possibly all related. Who come from seemingly nowhere, possibly the gutters, to attack people. They're all shorter than average. Green-eyed, incredibly annoying BUT also quite foolhardy. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: So, it was an attack against people? Corporal Noonshade: That's right. Attacking random pedestrians. They have a tendency to get themselves killed you see; accidents happen when you're very unlucky and very annoying. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: All the three that were involved are from that band, do you know how big it is? For how long they have been around? Corporal Noonshade: They've been around for months, though I've not seen them for about a month and a half... I can't say how big their organisation is, but they did give me a note earlier... A list of their fallen brothers... and a promise to take revenge... The note read the following: “The the Togglecogs will avenge: Hanzig, Lanzig, Zanzig, Tanzig, Sanzig, Kanzig, Ganzig, Manzig, Ranzig, Nanzig, Qanzig, Wanzig, Vanzig, Banzig and Lanzig Junior.” According to Corporal Noonshade then they died in attacks against people as they “tend to kill themselves with dynamite” and The City Watch is “doing everything we can with the resources we have available to minimise harm to the public, as we always do”. It’s important to state that this is Corporal Noonshade’s understanding of the situation and does not necessarily reflect the more revised opinions and perspectives of his superiors. As always, we ask our readers to remain calm, but vigilant and not to fall into fear or hate. Keep doing your normal life as always, treat everyone kindly, but get safe if something happens and inform the guards if you have any important information regarding this topic - it won't hurt if you come find us after you talk to the guards and tell us what you told them though... Stay safe out there. Watch out for exploding gnomes.