alpable, it is a funny word to say. It means something is so intense it is almost tangible, almost something you can touch. Something you can feel. Unlike Stormwind, where a protest usually leads to the death of a Queen, or five dead Ren'doreis then Dalaran seems more at ease with protests and protesters. Even supportive Id say. The guards did look bored enough that they might have wished for a few troublemakers, but unfortunately for them, none showed. What did show was support in the form of a lot of people ready to march and sympathize with the plight of the "people without a pulse". The march was initiated by Vivian, an undead who unfortunately has some issues with speaking, or at least speaking common. I admit I did not ask about the specifics, and while I could say she needed a translator, then in the spirit of things, I am going to turn it around. It was not her who needed help, it was rest of us. We needed a translator to understand her wisdom. She started the march with a speech.
Vivian, translated for us by Ayzannah: Welcome, people without pulse, and people with a pulse! Rotter! Corpse! -Husk-! Mhrm! What about: Person? People? Stranger? -Friend-? Some of us are undead, but that does not make us monsters! Today we will be heard! We will -march-! When we get back here, perhaps there is a... speech. Please do not... destroy..., please have... res-pect... Let's ... let's doe the thing! Undead - yes! Unperson - no!
And with those words the march was starting, Undead - Yes, Unperson - no!. The march itself lasted maybe 45 minutes or so. A few trips around the city with slogans like "Rights for the unliving", "Second life does not mean second class!" and one of my favourites "Un-dread the undead!". After each loop of the city, there was a brief speech at one of the banks of Dalaran. The first one was Pastor K. T. McKenzie:
Pastor K. T. McKenzie: The dead are worm friends, not worm food-! Howdy LADIES AN GENTLEMEN! LIVIN OR OTHERWISE! Now ah might not have a PULSE! Ah might not have LUNGS! Honestly, ah might not have a clue what's goin on here - ah literally walked in lookin' fer wizard booze-!BUT! AH'LL TELL YER WHAT AH DO GOT! AND THAT'S RIGHTS!! Same rights as any o' yer livin' ladies-!! And boy if ah ain't gonna live the best unlife ah can!! Thank you all MIGHTY much! Stay beautiful-!! And if someone could point me ter the liquor stall, ah'd be mighty appreciative-!!
Motivating words for sure. After another loop of the city with yet more words being shouted, and still no hostilities (again, much to the regret of the local guards) another speech was held at the stairs to the bank, I unfortunately did not manage to learn who held the speech, but it went like this:
Unnamed speaker: HEAR ME NOW, CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE! In life, we suffered unspeakable tragedies! We watched as our homes were razed to the ground! We cried out in agony as our families were cut down before our eyes! Finally, in the face of such atrocities, we were denied even the release of death! To those who would question our place in this world...We are NOT monsters! We are NOT the mindless wretches of a ghoul army! We are the FORSAKEN! The world turned its back on us! But now?! WE STAND UNITED! Know that those who stand WITH the Forsaken, the Undead, stand at the RIGHT side of History! FOR AZEROTH!
This caused some stir in the gathered protesters, from what I could gather then being called "Forsaken" upset them, and I can see why. Being forsaken is a very negative word, and with the whole march being about positivity towards the undead, then it was a tad strange the speaker would use this term. Anyway, after his speech the march went for another loop around the city. Archmage Snowdawn finished off the march with a short speech:
Archmage Zyretha Snowdawn: It's my honour to speak this evening to all of you. All the people of Dalaran and beyond who came to speak for what they believe in. Some people claimed there'd be a slaughter in the streets. Violent mobs trying to eat one another, and other ridiculous claims. But the kind of person who writes that has no idea what they are talking about! Because the -people- here tonight have represented what they believe in, and made their stand, without trying to degrade anyone, or anything. So from deep in my heart, and from Dalaran, thank you all.
After this the march broke up, some went to get drinks, others to shop in the local shops, and others, like me, setout to get some comments from people involved in the march. I started out with Archmage Snowdawn. H. Lester: I'm a Boralus and Stormwind kinda guy, I have to admit I am not really very educated when it comes to the plight of the forsaken, or ehh undead was it? Archmage Zyretha Snowdawn: Necro...ism? I guess that'd be the word? Is quite common due to the connection to the threats experienced by various parts of the world over the recent decades. It's quite easy to forget that they are people, when one takes everything at face value. H. Lester: So they experience a lot of hate? Archmage Zyretha Snowdawn: Indeed. Even during recent Scourge attacks, my people in Quel'thalas treated the Forsaken who aided them often with contempt and disgust. The city of course has it's Alliance sects and ties, which absolutely hang over across the city. The Jaina years especially... Encouraged it. H. Lester: So this protest.. march.. tonight, was to raise awareness and try to get people to change their opinion of them? Archmage Zyretha Snowdawn: It was to remind people that they are just as much people as they are. They still have emotions, lives, hopes, goals, dreams, just like those who have not yet died at some point. And that -every- undead is a person. Even if it isn't obvious and sometimes that person is buried under something else... H. Lester: That seems like an universal approach to people. Archmage Zyretha Snowdawn: And quite. They wish to be treated the same as any other kind of person, not dismissed with slurs. H. Lester: I didn't see any of the Ebons tonight, was this strictly meant for the forsa.... other undead? Archmage Zyretha Snowdawn: There were some in the crowd. It was meant for all undead people to voice their greivences. H. Lester: Alright, I guess I missed that. Glad to hear that H. Lester: So Dalaran - despite its exclusiveness is being inclusive? Archmage Zyretha Snowdawn: Exclusivity to a point. I can't deny that with limited space and a lot of interest, rents are high and academic competiton can be fierce. But we're involved in worldwide education iniatives, including those of Stormwind's court, the Academy in Elwynn. Etcetera. H. Lester: Alright. thank you Archmage With a somewhat official statement from the Archmage it was time to go hunt for Vivian herself. Turns out, she found me. Due to her... ahem, due to my inability to understand her, both Archmage Snowdawn and Ayzannah helped me with translations. H. Lester: Oh hello Madam Vivian: Mss..trr.. Lhhk, lhhk.. H. Lester: Uuhh Vivian: Thrr.. Archmage Zyretha Snowdawn: Viv, this gentleman is from a newspaper in Stormwind. Vivian: ...Rh..llh..'m.. frhm.. Strr..whnn...d.. At this point it was clear I was going to need help, and luckily Archmage Snowdawn stepped in and offered to help. Archmage Zyretha Snowdawn: I'm happy to translate if you have trouble. H. Lester: Trouble is not a strong enough word.. I have no fucking idea Vivian: Ht.. nhhds... From here on it is the translation I am quoting, some of it translated by Archmage Snowdawn, some of it by Ayzannah. So not Vivian's direct words. Hopefully there is no misinterpretations in the translations, if there is, then I apologize. Vivian (Translated): Will we be in the paper? H. Lester: Maybe. I never make promises. H. Lester: Id love to hear a bit about the plight for the undead, but I'm having trouble understanding you Vivian (Translated): Viv's mother will be so proud. Her mother lives in Old Town. H. Lester: So you are a recently... what is the inclusive word? revived person? Vivian (Translated): Just "Person" is fine. H. Lester: Of course. But what about the process? What do you call it? rebirth? Vivian (Translated): Bad luck. H. Lester: Hah. I imagine there comes a day where I might be jealous. The lack of an expiration date might get tempting for me Vivian (Translated): Or good luck, depending on perspective. There is no luck. We will rot away, someday. H. Lester: Can you tell me some of the challenges you have as an undead person, compared to the living? Vivian (Translated): They get called names all the time, and people are scared of them. Sometimes to their face, sometimes behind their backs. And sometimes they even come up and whisper in their ears. Viv was watching a magic show before, just watching, clapping, enjoying the show. And someone behind her whispered "Filthy Rotter". So, Viv made friends with them. Turned out, we were both soldiers in the same regiment. H. Lester: but hateful words are something a lot of people have to live with, what makes your situation different than say a Ren'dorei in Stormwind? Vivian (Translated): Respect must start somewhere, why not with us? Perhaps the Ren'dorei must do this too, but maybe not in Stormwind. I heard how... that's gone before. Perhaps it'll stop people being jerks. H. Lester: Hah. I like that optimism. Maybe its due to my job, but I think jerks will always be jerks. Not sure they can be turned around to see things from your side. Vivian (Translated): Its a great hat by the way. H. Lester: Thank you. It is an heirloom actually. Vivian (Translated): She asked if you can say hello to her mum. H. Lester: I can, or she can say hello and if I do the article, I'll print that Vivian (Translated): She misses her mum. H. Lester: Your mother does not come visit you here? Vivian (Translated): She has more kids, job, and there's no dad. But she reads the paper. Vivian (Translated): When she was a living soldier of the Alliance.... People respected Viv... a bit. But Viv died fighting demons... on the broken shore. And now she gets called names. H. Lester: Does not seem fair no. At this point Vivian showed me a photograph of her mother and a kid-sister, and Archmage Snowdawn used magic to copy the image onto a blank page in my notebook. The idea being for me to show it to her mother, so she knows I was sent by Vivian. I was also asked to keep her mother’s name, and their last names out of the paper, and not printing the picture. Vivian was worried certain people might decide to take their hatred of her kind out on her mother in Stormwind. An example of the fear Vivian and her people face every day and why marches like this one are important. Why it is important to get people to realize they too, are people. I'll let Vivian's own words end this article. Vivian (Translated): Some undead have have done bad things, but some living have too. This doesn't make us all monsters, please don't be a jerk And please don't call dead people names.