couple of days ago we received a message from Captain Royston —Captain of Blue Eagle, an Alliance ship—, informing us about the capture of the pirate Vincent Graham and his crew. As he was in Stormwind at the moment we asked him to do an interview with us about what seems the end of this case. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Well Captain Royton, tell me about how you found them. After so long after him, it must have been difficult. Captain Royston: You see, my story in Boralus began a few months prior, when I came there pursuing a dangerous pirate by the name of Vincent Graham and his crew. It wasn't easy. It came at a terrible price, losing my officer and some of my crew. But... at last I was able to outsmart Graham at his own game. With the help of the Boralus Guard's Fourth Squadron a trap was spun for Graham. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Interesting, so it was a prepared operation, please tell me more about it. Captain Royston: Indeed, my good madam. I have sent one of my officers, Steven Maloy, to bolster the ranks of the Fourth Squadron, which is led by Sergeant Frank Sabian. Steven Maloy worked as an undercover agent, under pretense to be friends with the criminals who were aiding the pirates. Through his courageous and selfless actions, we uncovered Graham's accomplice who was operating through Boralus on his behalf. It is that she helped Graham get rid of the evidence of the bombing that took place at the Fish Markets two months ago. Her name is Riley. I want you to highlight that name, for she is still at large. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Of course, is there anything else you can tell about her? Captain Royston: She is known to have numerous aliases and uses false identities. A dangerous criminal that one. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: I see, I assume that makes it harder to go after her and find her... Captain Royston: That is correct, she is quite cunning. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Going back to Graham and his crew, how did it happen? Captain Royston: After uncovering where Graham and his men were hiding, I've dealt them a decisive blow, capturing all of them apart from Graham and one other of his crew. Goes by the name of Nathaniel Williams. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: So, Graham escaped then, what happened with him? When and how did you capture him? Captain Royston: Graham managed to escape that night and was still desperately trying to somehow turn the favors of this conflict to his advantage, but I cut him off from all of his criminal patrons. My undercover officer uncovered his futile attempt at trying to exact revenge at me and my men and convinced Riley that he has switched sides fueled by the made-up resentment he had against me, acting as the intermediary between Graham and some that would like to come to his aid. Under that pretense Steven Maloy was been able to convince Riley to bring Graham to Bridgeport where a trap was laid out for him in a cooperation between me and sergeant Frank Sabian of the Fourth Squadron. I have to highlight that without Sergeant Sabian's generous help and support this operation would be much harder to conduct. It was a joint effort to bring this foul criminal to justice. Sadly, this is where Captain Royston lost part of his crew, brave men that fought for the safety of the people in Boralus and the whole Alliance. He also mentioned to us that one of his officer’s was murdered in a bar a night he was off duty, a clear coward attack that proves this pirates have no honour or decency. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: I see, what happened with the captured pirates? Captain Royston: They were hanged on the Hangman's square, for all the citizens of Boralus to see that no pirate or thug is safe to terrorize them any longer. Piracy in Boralus is punishable by death. Of all of Graham's crew, only Nathaniel Williams remains at large. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Do you think it'll be easier to capture him now that he's alone? Or that this will make it easier for him to move? Captain Royston: He has nowhere to run since Vincent Graham has been captured. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Very well, about the cooperation with Boralus Guards, I assume working with them was easier, is this type of cooperation normal? Captain Royston: Well... I must admit we weren't welcome in Boralus when we first came. The guards weren't that... keen on cooperating with us even though we were granted the authority to pursue pirates in Kul Tiras territory. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Why do you think that happened and how did that change? Captain Royston: Well... I think that all started with Boralus having the influx of the refugees fleeing from the mainland from the unfortunate events that have beset our dear homeland not that long ago. So Kul Tirans have become wary and distrustful of the mainlanders, rightly so I may add. That combined with the Kul Tiran pride and patriotism proved to be a potent mix for them to resent any aid that, in their eyes, came from the outside. But sergeant Sabian proved to be a cosmopolitan man who rose above the narrowmindedness of nationalism and has recognized our efforts at cleaning the piracy out of Boralus. In conversation with me he has realized what can be achieved when multiple sectors of the Alliance military work hand in hand together. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: So, you expect cooperation will be easier in the future? Captain Royston: Oh, I sure think so. I have nothing but praise for sergeant Sabian and his squadron. My officer, Steven Maloy, was so impressed with the sergeant that he decided to remain in his squadron as one of his privates. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Impressive, I assume you'll be missing such a brave officer after all he did. Captain Royston: I will. But I am not the one to be controlling of my men. They have freedom to go wherever their heart and sense of duty takes them. However, you have asked me if I expect further cooperation between myself and Boralus. My work in Boralus is done. I am to bring Graham to Stormwind where he will be tried for the crimes, he has committed against Alliance. Vincent Graham will be judged soon, maybe after Captain Royston’s possible promotion, as he has mentioned us, he’s also here to talk with the Alliance Navy and expects to be promoted to Admiral. Captain also mentioned in case the decision isn’t taken soon he’ll take Graham back to Boralus, where we will be hanged. Finally, Chane Benson's name and memory were avenged, may he rest in peace. But as you see this story in not completely over, we will keep an eye for any news about the trial and destiny of Vincent Graham, this mysterious and dangerous criminal, Riley, and the crewman that escaped, Nathaniel Williams.