fter the latest Royal Court meeting, it was concluded to bring the murlocs living in the Eastern Kingdoms to join the ranks of the Alliance. This of course came as a shock to a lot of people, we all know at least one of those terrible stories about someone straying off the road in Elwynn forest never to be found again and of course, the terrible fate that was bestowed on the guards named Rolf and Malakai who lost their lives to a murloc attack. Even though there has clearly been some conflict between the Alliance and the murlocs, they are now a part of the Alliance. Not all the murloc tribes agreed to join, one of those is the Vile Fin tribe that has no interest in leaving their home of Silverpine Forest, while the White Shark tribe has been willing to join from as far away as Northrend. This tribe has been known to deal with surface-dwellers more frequently than other murloc tribes. The agreement of an alliance between the Alliance and the murloc tribes has been made but hasn’t yet been pulled into action as there is still a need for a few more signatures from the murlocs as problems like ink smudges on signatures are common and still a big problem with the Bluegill tribe. You might be curious to know where the murlocs will live now that they will be a part of the Alliance. While some of them are going to stay in their current village, there are plans to connect the murloc villages to our road network and the addition of new flightmaster posts. For the murlocs that are interested to live in Stormwind, there is going to be adjustments to the Stormwind canals, Stormwind lake, and the Stormwind harbour to accommodate our new amphibious allies. This means that the Stormwind canals have to be cleaned out and it will no longer be allowed to fish there as you might catch a murloc on your line when they move in. I managed to get a statement from Shlur, the leader of the White Shark tribe. Asking what she thought about the new alliance and the changes planned to be made to Stormwind for her kind she replied; “Mrglmrglmrglmrg aurrrrgggr rrrruuuugggu gluggluggl ugluguaa rwlrwlrwlrwl!” Sadly I have no idea what or how to write down the language of the murlocs and it was hopeless finding someone who could translate for me as my deadline for it was the first of April to bring our readers the news as soon as possible. In my search for someone with more knowledge on murlocs, I came over the book “Murloc Society And Its Wonders” by Klinkerton Mufflbang, professor in Murcology. Here we can read why the changes to Stormwind are necessary for our new scaly allies. “Primarily the Murloc settlements are built directly on or in the close vicinity of a river, lake or simply by the sea. As the Murlocs require contact with water if they are not to experience rashes, dry skin or other undesired skin complications.” The new changes to Stormwind will of course mean a slight tax raise until everything is as it would need to be for our new neighbours. Once they have settled themselves in Stormwind you might be tempted to visit our new allies to see and experience their culture, something I, myself, am not as interested in doing after reading “Murloc Society And Its Wonders” to give you a little taste of what you might experience here is a part of the book.
“One of the newer and more interesting and exotic parts of Murloc cuisine would be the Siamese cat which they like to serve at social-gatherings and large feasts. They cut it up into small rectangular pieces, roast it and then dip it into soups and, as mentioned before, fish custard, creating a delicious and filling provider of nutrients. Looking at the somewhat more traditional dishes one would find the "Mrwlgwrwbrwklw soup", the Murlocs somehow conjure up a relatively large kettle which they fill up with water, the creation of this meal is a very social project as such the Murloc household or if it’s the entire tribe creating it walk around the kettle in a circle throwing into it vegetables, fishes, sauces, clams and meat. Once this is done they light up a fire underneath the kettle continuing with walking around it in a circle chanting old traditional songs requesting that the sea (Which a lot of Murloc tribes worship as a deity) bless this meal with tastiness.”
I would therefore highly recommend that you do not let your cat walk close to the new Murloc areas in Stormwind. Although it might be weird to see a murloc, a creature we have been brought up to stay away from I am sure they will bring proudness to our hearts when we see them in full Stormwind guard gear and a great asset to our navy. I am sure they will be a great addition to the Alliance and a statement to the open-mindedness and welcoming nature of us all. Who knows we might even get the gnolls and kobolds to join us at this rate. I hope all of our dear readers will have a happy first of April.