uring this last day of trial to decide the verdict the prosecution was allowed to present any aggravating situation. Lady-Justicar Nasias Darkstar pointed, once more, how the information held by the intelligence office, and therefore accessible to Director Lysandré, related to the Slock family played a role in him being selected for the job. Lady-Justicar continued mentioning how the murder of Captain Eckleheart, from the Twin Tails Company —a law enforcement organization—, would have had an impact on the organization to commit their duties and, in her words: “adversely affecting the publics wellbeing and creating a void for serious criminal activity to flourish”. Finally she noticed Lysandré’s position and as well the usual procedures of intelligence agents that must work for the Kingdom’s best interest, alleging her actions didn’t follow said interest. The recommendation of the prosecution was a sentence of dishonourable discharge and a life sentence in the maximum-security wing of the Stormwind Stockades. The defence presented a subjective allegation of mitigating circumstances, as well as her service record, or part of it, as it only mentioned six entries, but as explained by Director Lysandré most entries were archived at the Keep. Before the bench withdrew to decide the verdict Lysandré was allowed to speak in her own defence:
“It would be selfish or perhaps arrogant to say that the kingdom is in need of my expertise. For the past two years I have been appointed in charge as one of the Head of Operations for the agency and served side by side the Kingdom and the Alliance' infantries, legions, and general military, ensuring that the Alliance have succeeded against the Horde prior to the armistice, and other enemies of the Kingdom and the Alliance, mentioning Sylvanas' Loyalists as well, prior to the... Current situation in Northrend. All this has been evident with a higher success rate compared to the person who held the position before myself. Yes, I do agree that the agency, as rumours may tell, that we work in a more of... Shady ways. To do what must be done for the Alliance to succeed, and it has been approved, performed, and shown success. We never bear glory for the soldiers arriving home, blessed as war heroes, as our work would be exploited. We work from behind the scenes, as we have always done since the founding of the agency. Yet, with my defence attempting his best in my stead to both lead my unit and overworked on gathering all evidence possible to proof my innocence has failed, these will be my last words before your verdict.”
After the sentence, which included among other stuff Lysandre’s dishonourable discharge and the rescission of the state pension we asked some of the people involved for comments, sadly Lysandré’s attorney refused to comment. Lord Thomas Slock, the person hired to kill Captain Eckleheart expressed his satisfaction with the result, as well as the deal being over. Lady-Justicar Nasias Darkstar stated the following:
“At the Stormwind Crown Court today, the trial of R v. Lysandré comes to a close and the trust model utilised by the intelligence services now comes into question. Whilst the trial has exposed a frightening revelation to the powers granted to the intelligence services as a whole and the potential for unlawful damage if left unchecked as it does so currently; it is my hope that this warranted outcome serves as an example to those who would seek to do harm to our realm and to the people of Stormwind.”
And on the matter of more control and checks in the future that this comment suggested she added:
“Indeed. The outcome of this trial now serves as precedent against those who would use the veil of SI:7 as a shelter to act unlawfully and without good reason. Furthermore, the question was raised in the chamber of Royal Council; what can we do to prevent this from happening again? No doubt in the coming weeks, there will be a spotlight on this very subject”.