lot of witness statements were given last night at the witness hearing, but for those of us without access to the official court documents, we felt there was questions we needed answers to if we where to inform you, dear readers, about the trial. So we set out to find two parts in the case, two sides of the same coin. Keep in mind these is unfiltered, we got no proof either was lying, nor do we have any proof they spoke the truth. In the name of being neutral, we made sure to bring you both sides. Make your own judgement.

One side: The Slocks:

After the witness hearing on Lysandré’s trial we had the chance to have a talk with Lord Thomas Slock while returning to Stormwind. Lord Slock was a witness during the trial and the person who, supposedly, Director Lysandré hired to kill Captain Ecireth Eckleheart in exchange to having some criminal records removed. We asked him about the accusations related to his house and his opinions about why Director Lysandré asked him, according to him, to murder Captain Eckleheart. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: So, Lord Slock, about what was said related to your family... Lord Thomas Slock: What part? Gaedryel Ravenbreath: The accusations Lord Thomas Slock: Us being evil Felsworn determined to take over the world? I hope you can hear how ridicouless it sounds… The house of Slock have had issues with the law before. Mostly in regards to taxes or… contraband. Hardhy Lester: It is a bit of a household name around the city. Lord Thomas Slock: Aye? I wouldn't know. Hardhy Lester: Of course not. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: What about those that escaped from the Kirin Tor? Anything to comment about them bringing those names up too? Lord Thomas Slock: Escaped… I would say liberated… They had no warrents for the arrest of my sister or half brother. Hardhy Lester: You accusing the Kirin Tor of kidnapping? Lord Thomas Slock: No… I accuse the Illidari for being overzealous. Hardhy Lester: How did the Kirin Tor get involved? Lord Thomas Slock: From what I know the Illidari brought them there. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Do you know something of those Illidari? Were they always those two in court today? Lord Thomas Slock: We know the one called Veddel… He tortured my sister on the basis that she used fel magic with no other reasoning. Then he calls her a Felsworn, when he himself openly kidnaps and tortures people without evidence. Hardhy Lester: And this, Doctor who the Illidari claimed to have seen a mark on? is this Doctor someone you know? Lord Thomas Slock: Of course. He is my half-brother. A bastard to the house. Quite literally… not meant as an insult. Born out of wedlock. Hardhy Lester: I assume you claim it is not true? this marking? Lord Thomas Slock: Oh, he got a fel etched tattoo alright. But I think that's a personal choice. Not really a mark. Hardhy Lester: A… fashion statement then? Lord Thomas Slock: More like… a statement of him being weird. Hardhy Lester: I'm curious. What made you reveal all this to the authorities? Lord Thomas Slock: Lysandre had our brother Rheinon, also known as the Doctor. Tortured... Beaten. Nearly killed. And then tossed him in Tol'barad. Hardhy Lester: Did she know you knew? Lord Thomas Slock: I assume so… Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Why do you think she asked you to do all that when you had so much against her? Lord Thomas Slock: I think she thought I did not care. Seeing he is a bastard. Or… She might have thought the gain outweighed the risk.

The other side: Veddel, Illidari:

Later that same night we also had the chance to speak with Veddel, Enforcer and Champion of the Illidari, who was present in court and has worked in different cases relating to house Slock. He informed us more of the accusations around this house related to fel and those that are missing right now and were previously captured by the Kirin Tor. He commented as well on how he came to know Director Lysandré. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: In court there was a mention about Slocks family being related to that, what can you tell me about it? Veddel: If you want the long version it -will- take a while. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: I have all night, I take you want to show how bad they are, right? Then tell me Veddel: Bad is an understatement. That the Stormwind Officials have not yet taken action is beyond me. I've come to Stormwind three months ago. I'm posted up at the Illidari Enclave next to the Slaughtered Lamb most of the day. A Drust Druid arrived one day, informing me of a Sayaad bound to a Doctor Hallasen which openly roams the city. A thing to investigate, no less. And that I did. Hallasen is part of the Slock family, and a warlock. He had proven his incapability of keeping his demon on the leash, who attacked a resident of Stormwind. That gave me, and Warden Sindra who I worked with, enough reason to find Hallasen and the Sayaad in question to deal with the matter. He naturally did not lay down arms and refused to come with the Warden and me, to be handed out to the Kirin Tor for misuse of magic, among other charges. He carried vials of demon blood, and even blight. This is where the connection between me and Juleen, or rather her company begins. We used their command center's holding cells while informing the Kirin Tor to get ready for our arrival. I've then told them all I knew about the Slocks, and they've reopened their case on them. Their file is big and has countless evidence and information on the true intentions and background of that "noble" family. Vexiana Slock bound with the Sayaad I was initially looking to kill and was also swiftly apprehended and brought to the Violet Hold by Warden Sindra and me. A day after she joined Hallasen in the Hold, was when both escaped when they were to be handed out to the Illidari for execution. They've since openly roamed Stormwind. The evidence and information the Kirin Tor and me were able to get from the Slocks while interrogated in the Violet Hold were that they work for a demon by the name of Lok'Zar Revos, who is currently on Azeroth. They are aware that Juleen's Stormwind Intelligence compartment was opening the case after getting new information from me, and are now trying to frame her and bring her down before worse action is taken against them. Thomas Slock approached me, speaking in Eredun to threaten me, many times already. Speaking of a "sun eater", a nickname for their demon master. They're not innocent and use the court and media to their advantage to gain a favor and look like the good guys. I've left out many details, though, what I said paints a clear picture that the court system is flawed, and that this Family and their Cult should be long stopped. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: So, what about the accusations? Are they all fake? Veddel: I've got no evidence whether the accusations are true or not, but the fact a Felsworn cult -investigated and hunted- by the Illidari, Wardens, Kirin Tor and Stormwind Intelligence are the accusors it is very clear that they're grasping straws and must be lying through their teeth. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Do you know if Director Lysandré ever talked with Lord Thomas before? Veddel: I wouldn't know, but I know they are investigating the Slocks in their entirety. If she talked to him, or one of the family members, then not in good heart. They're enemies after all. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: So, there's a chance both parts are guilty, right? Veddel: A chance, yes. Though - Unlikely. Very unlikely. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Why do you think she isn't guilty? Veddel: Because the Stormwind Intelligence would not be under the same rug as the ones they -investigate- and -hunt- down. It'd only play into the hands of the Slocks. Makes simply no sense, a hole in the logic. Hardhy Lester: Are you aware of all the other accusations levelled against her over the years? Veddel: No. I did not inquire, nor would I do that now. Being in her position naturally draws many predators seeking to bring her down. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: About the defense, why did they ask you to come and why did you come just to say there were no fel marks? Were there marks before? Veddel: The cult brands their members with the mark of tiriosh, which leaves a physical scar on the body and a fel taint visible for the Illidari. The core family members are not bearing such a mark, but all those around them are. The logs of mine that were handed to the court mentioned said marks, and they wanted to know if Thomas Slock had one on him. He could have it, as a physical scar, but the taint was not there. Therefore, we had to say that he bears none. Gaedryel Ravenbreath: Well... Unless you want to add anything, I'm done. Veddel: Mh. A final thing, yes. The Slocks are known to abuse the court system in their favor as their noble house has strong relationships, built over the last decade, with crown officials to use it to their advantage. Locals of the city will be able to confirm that, should you have the interest to ask around.