ately Stormwind has supposedly been seeing a series of attacks from two infamous criminal groups. The Red Bears and the Browncloaks. While they are not similar - besides breaking the law and hurting people - then they have one thing in common. The Echo Company, who handles these cases, refuse to speak about them. They barely acknowledge they exist. The Lion's Roar has now tried multiple times to get an interview with an officer about these groups, what they have actually done, and what is being done to hunt them down. But alas. No luck.

"Its private"

On multiple occasions, a reporter from The Lion's Roar has been in touch with the Echo company, trying to get an interview regarding the two groups, but each time we have been stonewalled, the reply being that it is "private". We are not entirely sure what that means, surely the public has a right to know what is being done to thwart these threats, or even being told what the threats are to begin with! Not being given detailed information about how they plan on capturing these guys is one thing - but refusing to even list which crimes they supposedly have committed is far from acceptable behaviour from a guard company who supposedly serve the King and the citizens of Stormwind.


Without information the citizens of Stormwind only have rumours to rely on. We all hear of Browncloaks hurting our new allies, we all hear of people being kidnapped by the Red Bears, so why is it so difficult for the guards to answer questions about the actions of the groups?, or tell our reporter what these group's agenda is? Why do they insist on keeping the citizens of Stormwind in darkness, relying on rumours and gossip? I don't know about you dear reader, but I would rather have facts, deal with facts, instead of rumours and gossip which only turns into scaremongering and conspiracies. Are these groups even real? Or are they invented by the guards to make themselves more important than they are? to get a larger cut of our taxes?


Supposedly the guard units of Stormwind operate by the same handbook, the same laws - yet First Company (based in the City Hall) have a remarkably different policy. When asked, we have gotten reports about how many cases are solved or unsolved, the reasons for it, even redacted case files has been given to us in the name of transparency and openness, and we applaud them for it, everyone wins by being open about these things. The moment stuff is hidden without reason it turns into rumours, gossips and conspiracies. Yet from Echo company, all we get is "it is private".

The battle has only just begun

At the Lion's Roar we have no interest in being unfair, attacking specific groups, or blasting them in an article. We want to work with people, not against them. But we do have the citizens of Stormwind's interests at heart - and if we find groups working against those interests then we will expose it. In this case we will not stop here, we demand a minimum of transparency from the guards who patrol our streets. We want to be sure our citizens are treated justly and that they actually actively try to stop criminals instead of just helping drunk people sleep it off. Us citizens of Stormwind rely on the guards to keep us safe, we rely on them to deal with criminals and we rely on them to adhere to the law as it has been written by the King. But who checks they actually do that? We pay taxes, we work, we adhere to the law, and we should be allowed access to a minimum of facts regarding the cases the guard units handle. Without that, we have no idea what they do and does anyone actually want that? besides the guards of course.. If anyone has information about the two groups then we encourage you to contact The Lion's Roar. We promise full discretion.