ime was 21:04. I had just looked at my pocket watch when my buzzbox started shrieking. I really need to get it checked. I don't think it’s meant to sound like a frostsaber in heat. "Yo! Lester! You sad excuse for a Kul Tiran!", the voice of one of my informants came through the Gnomish device loud and clear, and apparently she still had not forgotten I hate ships and sailing. "Something is up near the docks, a lot of tin cans here and I don't see anyone serving soup!". Waving at Baldemar - yes, the renowned musician - who I had just been at the Stormwind Keep with. I started sprinti-... okay, jogging towards the docks to see what was going on. When I got there a small crowd had already formed, but bad sailor or not, I do have a sizable body and easily managed to get to the front of the crowd without too many curses and swear words. In the tunnel leading from the docks and towards Lion's Rest and the Cathedral District, a large number of City-Guards and High-Guards had gathered. Shiny armour lined up in units and in formation. Scattered around the group where a smattering of civilian-looking people, but that close to the group of guards meant they had to be Office of Justice people, or plain-clothes guards of some sort. I recognised the voice of Captain Preston of the Echo Company giving orders to the assembled group of guards, then turning on his heel and ordering the crowd to disperse so they could march on: "We're gonna be movin' forward, you lot! Ain't wantin' to trample you." followed up with "Right! You lot! We're movin', we will straight up walk through ya!'" I moved. As did everyone else from what I saw. When faced with dozens of heavily armoured guards on their way to march THROUGH your location, you tend to move. Anyway, I had no interest in obstructing their work, so of course I moved. What followed was a brisk march through the city, past the Cathedral, over Suicide-Bridge and down the canals and into Old Town until they finally stopped near the barracks, the Command Center and the - totally secret - headquarter of the SI:7. By now I had recognised uniforms, voices and faces belonging to the Echo Company. The High Guards, The Office of Justice, and the Twin-Tails Company. My best bet was they were escorting a high-profile prisoner from the SI:7 to the stockades for interrogation. I was right, in an odd way. It was not a prisoner the SI:7 held, but one of their people. Tuesday night, Juleen Lysandre, former director of a branch of SI:7, was arrested for soliciting the unlawful killing of a state official of the Kingdom of Stormwind. Fulfilling the capital offence of soliciting to assassinate. Fulfilling the capital offence of misconduct in public order. In other words, she fucked up, it seems. A lot.
Captain M. Preston: Your men do not need t'follow, Lysandre. Ya' are going to the Stockades, not to a party.
Now some of you long-time readers may remember the name, this is not a surprise. We have written about this woman before. It started out by her destroying my camera and escalated to - I got no proof - an assassination attempt on me. If you go dig in the library, you may find old editions of the paper if you want to read the articles. As Lysandre was escorted into the Stockades, I was contacted by an anonymous source close to the Office of Justice and was given a few tidbits of information. Anonymous source: What do you want to know? H. Lester: Well I know the woman arrested. I should, she tried to have me murdered in the past, and.. well all the other stuff. What I do not know is what she was arrested for. Anonymous source: Oh, she is a very, very, very corrupt official. She kept trying to hide behind Shaw, saying she couldn't be targeted by anyone at all. Saying she only answers to him and the King, and literally no one else. Preston mentioned the reason for her arrest-- she tried to have someone killed! This would be Captain Preston of Echo Company. H. Lester: Recently? And do you know whom? Anonymous source: He said that too, Ecireth. H. Lester: The captain of the Twin-Tails Company? Anonymous source: Yeah. Same one. H. Lester: I guess it takes someone else than a reporter to almost get killed before guards act. Sorry. That was uncalled for. But I was almost killed! H. Lester: Is it a solid case they got you think? Anonymous source: If it wasn't solid, she wouldn't get arrested. H. Lester: This is true I suppose. H. Lester: Anything else you can add? Anonymous source: I've seen it myself, the evidence is pretty solid. You'll see it soon too when the court case is. There's not that much to say, she's been corrupt for a long time, and done a lot of shady stuff. Hopefully more people will come to help out the guards with their statements, to put light to the bed things she's done in the past. We suggest you do just that if you have information pertaining to this woman and her criminal acts. Oh, and feel free to stop by our office and tell us your story as well. As my source left our office, I poured a mug of coffee and went outside only to stand face to face with Captain Eckleheart of the Twin-Tails Company, and Captain Matthew Preston of the Echo Company. An unexpected visit, considering the past non-cooperative spirit between the media and the guards. But maybe these are new times, maybe there can be peace. H. Lester: Not every day I get such important visitors. Captain E. Eckleheart: There's no doubt in my mind this will be in the next issue of the Lion's Roar. We want to ensure the correct story is told. Who else better to tell you than Captain Preston and I. H. Lester: Well I got coffee, and time. Seems you would like the time, how about the coffee? Captain E. Eckleheart: Perfect. H. Lester: Come on in H. Lester: Could you each state name and titles? Its always bad if I get those wrong. Captain M. Preston: Lieutenant Commander Preston, Captain of Echo Company. Matthew, is the first name, not sure if y'write that or not. H. Lester: I try to be formal for this sort of stuff. Captain Preston most likely. Captain M. Preston: Whatever works. H. Lester: Cap. P! Captain M. Preston: Do it. Captain E. Eckleheart: Captain Ecireth Eckleheart. H. Lester: Alright. You want to just talk? Or want me asking questions? Captain E. Eckleheart: I'm happy to answer any of your questions. H. Lester: From what I understand, then based on an attempted murder on yourself, Captain Eckleheart, a warrant for the arrest of Director Lysandre was issued, and tonight she was arrested, for attempted murder? Captain E. Eckleheart: She was arrested on suspicion of the following two charges: soliciting the unlawful killing of a State Official of the Kingdom of Stormwind. And the capital offence of misconduct in public office. So, suspicion of soliciting to assassinate myself, Captain Eckleheart on the fifteenth of March in Stormwind City. And on suspicion of misconduct in public office for profession to destroy the criminal history of the person she hired to carry out said assassination. H. Lester: And that person, are they arrested as well? Captain E. Eckleheart: They did not get arrested, no. When they were hired, they took the information straight to law enforcement. H. Lester: Does this person have a name? Captain E. Eckleheart: It's a group of people, and I'm sure you can appreciate that it's classified. H. Lester: Of course. I'd just love to talk to them. Could keep names and faces out of the paper of course. Captain E. Eckleheart: I don't think they would come forward, but you never know. H. Lester: Anyway. So she hires someone to kill you, that person then goes to the guards. Arrest warrant is issued and bam? Captain E. Eckleheart: Well, of course an investigation was started immediately. A lot of intel gathering and double checking of information took precedence here. The arrested isn't your everyday common criminal of Stormwind but we must show that even those in positions of power, those who lead units, those we look to when we need safety - they too are bound by the same laws. H. Lester: I can't say I disagree; she has been involved in a lot of shit over the years. Including the attempted murder of myself, destruction of private property and I believe an error of judgement which more than once put civilians in danger. Yes.. yes I had to bring it up again. I was almost killed! H. Lester: It sounds like you have a pretty solid case then? Captain E. Eckleheart: Of course, strictly speaking, proven until guilty and all. The evidence certainly stacks against her. H. Lester: If she is found guilty, what sort of punishment can the public expect? Captain M. Preston: Mmh, it'll depend entirely on the circumstances, really. A lot of that will be determined during the hearing itself, however it should be noted that she won't, unless by some miracle, be appointed back into a position where this could ever happen again. H. Lester: And those serving under her, who more or less willingly has participated in some of this? Captain M. Preston: Most of them 'ave stood rather loyally with her, though one of her men did walk off when we arrived in force. H. Lester: Right, anything either of you want to add? Something about how this is the result of hours of good work by the people serving the Crown loyally? Captain E. Eckleheart: I think it's tremendously important to state that Lysandre does not in any way speak nor act for anyone in law enforcement. We won't be tarred with the brush she so crudely crafted in this ridiculous scheme of assassination and treachery. H. Lester: I have a feeling it will take time to unravel the net she has spun and find out just how much chaos she has sown. I know one of the Royal Court committees almost got ready to have her handle a lot of employment and criminal records of religious people. Captain E. Eckleheart: With any luck, she will not be placed into a position of power again. Captain M. Preston: Aye, unfortunately what she's done is going to make us all struggle, however I guarantee we'll all work toward gaining the trust of the public once more. We finished up with a bit of small talk and other unrelated questions, and I ushered them out of the office. I had an article to write after all, and I am sure they had work to do as well. I'd like to point out that this was just one branch of the SI:7, we have no reason to expect this sort of criminal behaviour is taking place in other SI:7 branches. We have no reason to suspect foul play there, but that does not mean we are not looking. This trial is getting a special treatment. The Office of Justice can sometimes take really long to get started, but this is a special case. The preliminary stuff is happening tonight, and rest in the following days. And yes, you can count on The Lion's Roar to cover it.