he last few months I have kept hearing about this new business hosting events. From a diving trip for the Royal Court, to a Love Cruise for the public during the "Love is in the air" festival. Taking pride in keeping abreast with the ongoings in the cultural scene of Azaroth, I decided it was time to have a chat with the woman behind this new business. Tinka Bartenson. Former guard, former bartender, forme.. no, current caterer, and now also hostess. We met up a weekday evening, and the lovely Halite, our secretary here at The Roar, took care of tea and coffee so Tinka and I could focus on our chat. H. Lester: So lets try to get the basic stuff down first. You are Tinka Bartenson yeah? and you recently started a new venture? a business selling... experiences to organisations or group of friends? T. Bartenson: All correct. Families to. H. Lester: And how many of these events have you hosted so far? T. Bartenson: Oh my. Lets say eight. Larger ones that were open for anyone to come, three. H. Lester: Eight? that was more than I expected, can you name a few of them and briefly describe what it was about? T. Bartenson: I name couple larger ones then. We have taken a trip to the Fairy Dragon sanctuary near Exodar. H. Lester: To, watch Fairy Dragons? T. Bartenson: We had a guided tour by a local trainer and we got to see how they are looked after and trained. We even got to play with some young ones. Little shopping at their souvenir stalls, to support the sanctuary and then we had a picnic by a lake. H. Lester: That sounds like a lovely trip, what else? I know you did a Love Cruise? and a diving trip for the Royal Court? T. Bartenson: Indeed we did. Love on waves- cruise was joined effort with Bartenson events. The Wayward Anchor, Quills Melody and The Blue Recluse. We hosted a pleasure cruise around Kul Tiran islands. It was a ticket only event. We sold tickets in pairs for lovers and great friends. The Wayward Anchor own a ship named The Red Raid. They were our crew. Quills Melody had musician on board and took care of entertainment. Blue Recluse took care of catering and bar. H. Lester: Sounds lovely, what about some of the more private trips? like the Royal Court one? T. Bartenson: Well – A private person can contact us and we build an event just for them. I had spoken about diving with an old friend of mine who works for Court. And we took a boat out to an atoll, had dive lessons, and did a dive. We went down to see corals and local fauna. H. Lester: Is it expensive to hire you for an event like that? T. Bartenson: Not really. We work with a understanding that we are there to bring joy. There are some costs like food, fuel, some equipment. But we do what we can to keep costs low. H. Lester: Is it mostly people who already have an idea for an event who hire you? or people who just ask for whatever you can come up with? T. Bartenson: Most have heard about some other trip or event I have hosted. But some have seen one of my posters and come ask about them. So, I get kind of both I would say. Mostly I get "we want to do something" kind of ones. H. Lester: Does this business of yours have a name? T. Bartenson: Bartenson Events. H. Lester: And where can one get in touch with you if they want to hire you? T. Bartenson: Well one can mail me or find me in Stormwind. H. Lester: You got any big public events planned? T. Bartenson: There is couple of things we are working, Next open for event is coming soon. H. Lester: No hints? T. Bartenson: Well – Let us say that the ones coming along will need large flask of water, sun hat and shovel with them. H. Lester: I see. Cryptic. I will leave it up to the readers to guess about that one.