here are quite a few taverns and bars in Stormwind. The most popular ones are The Blue Recluse, The Slaughtered Lamb, Pig and Whistle Tavern, The Golden Keg, and The Shady Lady. I have taken upon me the task to ask the people of the Alliance about this exact thing. Where to go, what to get there, and why exactly they prefer this tavern. After having held a survey in Stormwind for over a week. Having asked all the variety of races and ages and around 120 people It seemed that The Blue Recluse was the overall favorite no matter what liquid you want or need. 38 percent of the people asked seemed to prefer this tavern. One might think that 38 percent is a low number but with six well-known taverns and bars, this is a fairly high number. The reason for the preference for going to The Blue Recluse ranges from its spacious interior, the calming location of the Mage Quarter, cleanliness, or the welcoming staff, as different people have different ideas of what is the most important thing for a tavern. While other taverns in Stormwind might have a focus on one of these points The Blue Recluse seems to have the “best” overall coverage of your drinking needs as concluded by hearing out what the people have to say and think about it. So if you find yourself in Stormwind and need a place to relax, have a tankard or a glass of wine make sure to head for the Mage Quarters and The Blue Recluse. After a survey, 38 percent of people prefer to visit The Blue Recluse over other bars and taverns in Stormwind I decided to reach out to Cassie Leigh the manager of The Blue Recluse to ask her a few questions about the establishment. I started off the interview by informing Cassie Leigh about the percentage of people preferring her establishment following this I asked if there is anything The Blue Recluse does to stand out from its competitors:
Cassie Leigh: “We focus on providing the highest quality, both in our products and our service. With many exclusive contracts signed with distributors, we have a wide selection of beverages that aren't available to get anywhere else, and we also offer catering services for private events!”
Not having any idea if there is something particular people would come to The Blue Recluse to drink? I asked what the best-selling liquid was.
Cassie Leigh: “In raw volume, Stonefist Ale is the absolute bestseller. Nothing's ordered quite as often as some classic dwarven ale. However, there is one drink that brings in more revenue: Talonguard Delight, our top-shelf whisky from the Gilnean House Meltherne is ordered enough to surpass even the best dwarven products.”
If you want something a little different or something special then you can ask for the seasonal cocktails that change regularly or something from their own meadery or maybe something from their exclusive distribution deals like; Talonguard Delight, Talan'alah Classic, Dragonbreath Mead, and the Snowflake non-alcoholic cocktail the list goes on and on so there is a drink for every mood. If you find yourself hungry while visiting The Blue Recluse then make sure to try out the Amber Beef Burger, double-patties, and with Barbecue Sauce which is the favorite of many of the patrons at the establishment, and remember to order fries on the side. At the end of the interview, I asked Cassie Leigh if she had something she would want to tell the people of Stormwind and she did.
Cassie Leigh: “Sure! Stormwind has become my home, and I love it here. I love all of you, the people in it! I enjoy chats with my patrons a great deal and have found many friends that way. Generally, in the Recluse, you can expect friendly service and high-quality products, and we'll be happy to welcome you. Unless you're a dick or try to dance on the furniture. That's not something I accept.”
Although there seems to be a larger group preferring The Blue Recluse there is a high chance there are dark figures in my survey about the bars and taverns in Stormwind. Not only do certain people find an interview threatening or scary, but also a figure who has an audience scary and doesn’t want to speak their mind on a subject in fear of being looked down upon by others. The Blue Recluse is in the Mage Quarter, and a place many folks associate with class and status. There is not much speculation required to conclude someone would say they prefer a place like that even though it might be out of their budget. Not only that, but my survey also focused on the question, “Where do you prefer to get a drink here in Stormwind?”, and “What is your preferred drink?”, not where do you actually get that drink at the end of your day. There are a lot of different wants and reasons people would answer certain ways but there is still that 62 percent of people who prefer some of the other taverns or bars in Stormwind and those 62 percent were fairly evenly spread throughout the other bars and taverns which makes it fair to say that every establishment is worth visiting. The second highest percentage was a tie between The Slaughtered Lamb and The Golden Keg both ending up at 22 percent, followed by The Shady Lady at 12 percent and Pig and Whistle at 6% while not a single person would mention The Gilded Rose which makes me believe there are possibilities for some investigation of that establishment. Things like entertainment provided at the different establishments weren't taken into consideration. The Shady Lady brawls don't come into the statistics of where you would prefer to get a drink even though the well-established entertainment of the establishment is something a lot of people enjoy. So it would be interesting to see how much the statistics would change if I included entertainment as one of the questions in my survey. A lot of people prefer a less mainstream place to take a drink and if you are one of them then I hope this article helps you out and if you are one of the people who only go to one place to do your drinking then I would suggest you try one of the other fine establishments here in Stormwind. At the end of the day, we are all different people with different needs and beliefs. I certainly hope all of the businesses and establishments in Stormwind continue to bloom. And with that last statement my article about the taverns and bars end. A big thank you to Cassie Leigh for letting me interview her and all the people who partook in the survey.