arlier today, just like every other day, I woke up a couple hours after sunrise and I headed out into the busy streets of Stormwind. I walk out of the trade district in which I reside and to the canals. There I fill my trusty flask with water. I do this every day, for who doesn’t need a good swig of water every now and then? So standard is this routine that I write this in present tense before the article will be put on paper! So rigid am I in my habits.
EDITORS NOTE: This article is not the official stance of The Lion's Roar, nor is it written by one of our staff. This is the opinion of Lorewalker Hiyorin Icepaws and only represents her own writings. If you take this advice to heart, and decide to indeed bathe, or drink from the water in the canals, and something bad happens to you - say getting poisoned, infected, or having your leg eaten by the Sewer Beast, then we are not liable.
Usually, as I move on towards the mage district where I conduct some of my daily routines I see that today, just as every other day, the crowd has gathered around the well. As I have learnt by talking to the people I meet during my day, many citizens of Stormwind do not trust their canal waters. They think it dirty and foul. They say that people throw their waste in it. That animals live in it. The Celestials themselves don’t know half of what the people of Stormwind think goes on in their canals. I myself was suspicious of them at first when I moved here. Pandaria has no canal system like this, and I did not quite know what to make of it. Therefore I conducted my own little investigation into what flows through our streets. “I don’t drink water that fish pee in” offered Flimki, the gnomish scientist from Mechagon, currently residing in Stormwind. “People throw so many bottles in, it is probably alcoholic is it not?” Suggested one person who requested their theory remain anonymously provided. “I don’t think the waters from the canals are meant to be drank or used for washing. People throw all kinds of stuff in there all the time.” says Dame Essther Sparrow of The Silver Hand as I ask around for what might bother people about these waters. Well let me share the good news; you need not worry! This is not standing water, infested with grime, disease, and foul animals! No my friend, my neighbour. This is clean mountain spring water, ready and freely available for us all to enjoy! “Even the crabs die in that water” said one person who prefers to remain anonymous. Why I and several fishermen who make their living from the canal waters every day can confirm that an even cursory glance into the crystal clear rush will reveal that the crabs are well and happy. These waters flow from Stormwind Lake, a beautiful and natural location located within your city, unspoiled by pollution and whatever else foulness man might leave in his wake. “If I require [water], I prefer to take it from the lake” said Naijia, a kaldorei citizen of Stormwind. While I see the urge to go fetch the water directly from the source, it is not required. In fact it might even be a bit worse since, depending on the conditions of the day, the lake waters might be standing quite still except for the outlet into the canals system. From this natural spring the waters are in constant motion through your town and into the sea. Any trash one might throw in will be quickly swept away. All disease will be washed clean! Indeed, from the waterfall which it hails to the fountain around Lion’s Rest the canal waters will be fresh and clean. It is quite the horror to me to see the treasure that lies at the feet of every person that calls Stormwind their home so thoroughly ignored. Even bemoaned as a negative! Please, my friends. Don’t waste your strength carrying buckets of water through the city, don’t waste your coppers on water from a merchant! The fountain of life lies just outside your door. -Lorewalker Hiyorin Icepaws