he groundskeeper - who was taking advantage of his employeer having been missing for almost half a year - was stargazing with a young elven lad in the gazebo in the garden of the mansion when he witnessed what he describes as "Large explosions and an aerial bombardment of the manor house". It later turned out to be fireworks from a nearby mansion hosting a masquerade ball, although other witnesses do confirm the presence of at least one gryphon over the property.
"This big flappy bird then hoisted three figures down onto the balcony, and then they suddenly got a lot bigger. Was strange it was, I mentioned that to Lunasword - my lover, and the reverse happened when they came back out on the balcony, all three figures turned real small and then got hoisted back up on the gryphon before it sped off!"
According to officials then it seems little was stolen from the mansion, servants and the steward all claim that valuables such as sculptures, paintings and other pieces of art was all left untouched. Large muddy bootprints where left on the scene and leading to the office of Spazzlefrock Frostcog - apparently the carpet was left in "a right state" as the Steward put it when we asked him about the heist. A former secretary of Mister Frostcog confirms that it seems nothing was missing from the office, but it had clearly been searched thoroughly, drawers, filing cabinets, ledgers and notebooks were all found strewn across the room. We managed to get a few statements from local milita Sergeant Willburn who apparently is in charge of the investigation until Stormwind investigators with "more routine" - as he puts it - arrive to help the local authorities.
"We don't know all the details as of yet, but we can say that it appears the heist had an aerial component to it and we are asking around in the local Wildhammer community."
First off - local Wildhammer community? in Redridge? how big can that community be! Secondly, I assume the "aerial component" the sergeant speaks of is the beforementioned gryphon, which would explain why the huuuuge Wildhammer community in Redridge is now going to be scrutinized by the local authorities, or well, at least Sergeant Willburn. A strange case for sure, and we look forward to following it closely. Mister Frostcog vanished almost six months ago while working on a story about a smuggling ring smuggling azerite empowered grenades. He was last seen in the vicinity of the Swamp of Sorrows. Despite severeal attempts to find the Editor in Chief then his whereabouts still remain a mystery. We here at "The Roar" still have faith he will be found alive.