"The Lion's Roar" is a fictional newspaper meant to represent a newspaper written and published in character in World of Warcraft, EU, Argent Dawn. The following information is OOC, but some of it will of course apply IC as well, but to avoid confusion then it is written from an OOC perspective.


There is a few ways currently to contact The Lion's Roar:


Join the discord (see link below) and contact the person you need to contact in a DM, if in doubt, message Spazzlefrock or Hardhy.

In game mail:

Send a mail to the person you need to reach in game, if in doubt, mail Spazzlefrock or Hardhy.

Face to face:

Find a staff member your character knows of in game and talk to them!


Click HERE and leave a message.


The Lion's Roar is always looking for more hands, minds, ears and eyes. In other words, there is a lot of options here for various types of roleplay.

Senior Reporter:

Run your own stories, find them, research them, interview people, hunt down leads, hope the editor does not turn down his thumbs when it is done. This type of role requires some creativity. Build and maintain your network of sources and informants. This is by far the most demanding type of reporter.


An editor gives you a task, they tell you the story you need to do, they help with ideas for who to interview and what angle the story is planned to have. It can be as an article with your name on it, or as part of another reporter's article. This role requires a bit less, and is more compartmentalized. Can sometimes run their own stories as well.


Run your own column. Whether it is weekly horoscopes, aunty aunt columns, travel logs, book reviews or history lessons.


Reporter in training. Basically follow a reporter around, or an editor, and learn the trade as you go along. Less responsibility and an opportunity to meet people.

Freelance writer:

All on your own, possibly getting a theme or an idea from an editor and then you run with it. On your own time, when you want, as often as you want.


Follow a reporter around on their tasks as requested and take snapshots. Having some editing skills OOCly is a benefit here as your screenshots will be used for articles.

Source/Informant/Media Person:

Tip the paper when something interesting happens in your organisation (guild/community) - this can be anything from pre-made press releases to insider information. Keep in mind such activities can have consequences for your membership of your organisation/guild/community if this is done in secrecy.


Join the Lion's Roar discord server to get notified when new articles are posted on the site, you can also give feedback and article suggestions here. You can also contact us to request new articles to get announced in your discord. Contact us for that service. Click the logo to join our discord.


Q: I want to write stuff for the newspaper but I don't have a character fitting to be a reporter and I also don't have much time to RP, can I still take part? A: Yes, there is a few ways you can contribute without actually RP'ing a reporter in game. The easiest one is to simple make up a character who does not actually exist in game. This does of course limit what you can write. Your fictional character has to have access to information about what she or he writes about - it has to be beliveable that said fictional character COULD have the information. For that reason this type of ghost-writers are best suitable for background articles or articles which does not require interaction with others. Travel logs, historical articles, book reviews or similar. Stuff where no one can go "hang on a minute.. there was only me an Johnny in the room, how can this journalist write about it?" Q: How often will there be new stuff on the website? A: "Regularly" - which in this case means - no idea, but hopefully often. It all depends on how much support we get when it comes to writing articles. But join the discord and get informed when new stuff goes up on the site. Q: Will there be new sections to the website? A: Yes, this is the very basic we wanted to be ready before launching. There is more ideas in the works, more columns, readers' letters, classified ads, regular ads, weekly reports on various things, all kinds of ideas, but a lot of them require more hands on deck, so to gather interest (hopefully) we went ahead and launched with a minimum.