Togglecogs attack the stockade

It was around five when I heard a scream calling for guards to come to the park, near the Mage Quarter, as this is quite close to our office I decided to check it out. Apparently, a gnome died. He ran into a sword. Strange, sad, but accidents happen, and the City Watch was already on it, so I went back to the office. Not ten minutes later a large explosion could be heard from the Stockades. I quickly ran out to check, and so did other people. Seeing the situation was still ongoing I decided to take a step back to let the help come and help anyone injured. A few minutes later there was another explosion. It was hectic, people helping, healers rushing to the hurt people and others asking people passing by to stay well away from the Stockades. Since the situation seemed to be as much under control as possible, .....[READ MORE]

Undead, Yes! Unperson, No!

11-04-2021 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Politics
Palpable, it is a funny word to say. It means something is so intense it is almost tangible, almost something you can touch. Something you can feel. Unlike Stormwind, where a protest usually leads to the death of a Queen, or five dead Ren'doreis then Dalaran seems more at ease with protests and protesters. Even supportive Id say. The guards did look bored enough that they might have wished for a few troublemakers, but unfortunately for them, none showed. What did show was support in the form of a lot of people ready to march and sympathize with the plight of the "people without a pulse". The march was initiated by Vivian, an undead who unfortunately has some issues with speaking, or at least speaking common. I admit I did not ask about the specifics, and while I could say she needed a translator,.....[READ MORE]

Oh Sandy, oooh Sandy

07-04-2021 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Culture
On paper I am the Editor in Chief of the Lion's Roar Newspaper, since the founder and owner, Spazzlefrock Frostcog is still missing, and has been for months. Yet this Friday I found myself in the baking hot sand of Tanaris, while rest of the staff was relaxing in bars, and in the comfort of cities. Odd. One would think being the boss meant having it easy, but apparently not in the newspaper business. Anyway, I digress. I interviewed Tinka Bartenson of Bartenson Events recently - it left me curious about their events and when I saw talk about an archaeological digging expedition, I figured I’d tag along. Not because I like digging, or stuff so old not even the Director of the Kirin Tor Intelligence remembers it existence, but because it is my job to experience things and write about it, so you do not hav.....[READ MORE]

The Queen and Pandaren thingy

06-04-2021 BY Hardhy Lester IN Politics
News is weird. One would, based on logic, assume important news that really impacts us, is news you would take an interest in reading. But that is not how it works. Instead, we want drama, action, and preferably someone to dislike. This is an interview with Earl Michael van Rook, (and Court Registrar Zulaiya Rowley) about some of the recent economical legislation and committee work. It is not dramatic, or full of action, there isn’t really even a bad guy, but it is important news just the same.


I often start out letting my vic.. ehh interviewee introduce themselves, it reminds me to note their names and titles so I can get it right for the articles, but it also shows a bit about the person how they answer. This is no exception, formalities first. H. Lester: N.....[READ MORE]

Size does matter: A lecture on spellblades in Dalaran

04-04-2021 BY Acheleus Moonblaze IN Other
A dapper vulpera in a top hat, a bizarre yet friendly troll squatting on the pavement in a snazzy tuxedo, haughty nobles from Suramar, diligent students sat in the grass with their notebooks, an ethereal eerily floating in a corner, an arakkoan squinting at the ambient though joyful chaos, lurking civilians and some dashing local dignitaries - yours .....[READ MORE]

Friday Night: Pick your fun

04-04-2021 BY Gaedryel Ravenbreath IN Culture
This past Friday was full of life, bars, activities, and events all over Azeroth. Sadly, this reporter cannot travel in time, but I managed to make it to two great, yet very different bars. Both opening at 20:00.

Crimson Night

I started with the Crimson Night, in the Deeprun Tram. It was the opening night of this huge bar, the place could not look better. It even has some tables in more private spaces, perfect for groups of friends to have a good time together. There was also live music by the famous bard, Baldemar Stonebridge. The night’s theme was formal attire, but as the bar plans to open weekly it will have a different theme each week. I do not want to spoil the surprise, so I’ll only reveal next week’s theme, which will be crazy hats! I had the chance to speak with the ow.....[READ MORE]

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