Soup's On: A Heartwarming Experience with Big Kinook

07-02-2023 BY Mharvin Spires / Reporter IN Misc
They have come from far away. They have been arriving for the last 30 minutes and they have all come for one single reason. The feast. At the south-eastern tip of the Azure Span in the Dragon Isles is the little quint village of Iskaara. It is inhabited by Tuskarrs, or Kalu'aks as they are known in their own language, and they are a group of peaceful humanoids - almost walrus like in appearance. Their history and culture is fascinating, but this article is about one single event, one happening, yet one which spreads through their culture like rings in the water. The feast. The people gathered, local Tuskarrs, alliance and horde heroes, scholars and trappers, artists, and sailors all anxiously awaits the moment it all starts. Roughly every three and a half hours, the chef, also known as Big Kinook, th.....[READ MORE]

Father Donovan Clark and Sir Drake Taylor bring message of hope and healing to Old Town

25-01-2023 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Culture
On a beautiful evening in the heart of Stormwind, the people of Old Town gathered together for a special sermon led by Father Donovan Clark and Sir Drake Taylor, Warden of the Cathedral Chapter. The sermon, held in Old Town across from the Pig and Whistle, was focused on the Holy Light and its power to guide and protect the people of Azeroth. "I recall when I first came to Old Town, you were all miserable and lost. But no more. With the efforts made by Master Reid, Miss Natalie Wright and others, they have introduced and allowed for the Holy Divine to find home even here, even in your hearts," Father Clark began his sermon. Natalie Wright, who had been instrumental in bringing the Holy Light to Old Town, or at least this sermon, nodded in agreement. She had seen first hand the power of the Light to bring ho.....[READ MORE]

Exiled from Booty Bay: The Story of Eldrom Selwyn's Banana Woes

19-01-2023 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Misc
Eldrom Selwyn, a former resident of the infamous pirate haven of Booty Bay, had a tale to tell. A tale of woe, betrayal, and one fateful banana. And a little sprinkle of stupidity. According to Selwyn, he had been stealing bananas for some time, unable to afford them due to a lack of coin. However, one day, his fortunes changed and he decided to do the honourable thing and pay for a banana. But things took a turn for the worse when the banana vendor accused him of stealing the fruit and called in the bruisers. Selwyn pleaded his innocence, stating that he had every intention of paying for the banana. "I say 'Hey, guy, relax! I'm actually buying this one off you for once rather than stealin' 'em, give a guy a break!" he said. But his attempts at reasoning "surprisingly" fell on deaf .....[READ MORE]

Unforgettable Knockout: Sailors vs Elf in the Ultimate Fight to the Finish

18-01-2023 BY Hardhy Lester IN Culture
The Monday night brawls are back. Hosted and arranged by "Silver", a well-known figure in Old Town. People from all over gather and meet in an alley in Old Town, ready for a night of fighting and excitement. Here is the report of one of the fights.

The Fight

The crowd roared as two fighters stepped into the ring, an elf named Lexe Voidstar and a sailor named Peter Jan Langedijk. The bets were placed, with some favouring Lexe's agility and finesse, while others had faith in Peter's strength and endurance. As the fight began, Lexe managed to elegantly dodge a sucker punch aimed at his nose and retaliated with a swift kick to Peter's abdomen. Peter took the hit and then moved forward, sending a left hook and right hook towards Lexe's ribs. The fight continued with both fighters displaying impressiv.....[READ MORE]

Mischievous or Malevolent? Goblin found in Cathedral causes alarm

17-01-2023 BY Hardhy Lester IN Misc
In a shocking turn of events, a goblin was found in the Cathedral of Light catacombs. According to Corporal Gulram Dawnguard, a member of the Whiskey Guard Company, the goblin was discovered by a patrol while they were investigating a report of a disturbance. The Cathedral Chapter was informed and assisted in capturing the goblin. According to Corporal Dawnguard, the goblin had no clothes or equipment and appeared to be a stray. Though the goblin initially seemed to be in a joking manner, the situation quickly changed, and Gulram Dawnguard describes the goblin as "savages the lot of them." Thorard Dawnguard, a recruit of same guard copmpany and member of the patrol, described the goblin's behaviour as more mischievous and jokingly running wild, but did not pose a major threat. Upon further investigation, .....[READ MORE]

Charity Ball raises funds for local orphanage and veterans

16-01-2023 BY Hardhy Lester IN Culture
Last night, Azeroth's elite gathered at the grand Woodbrook Estate for the charity ball, hosted by none other than Violet Grace Woodbrook herself. The event, which aimed to raise funds for the Lionheart Orphanage and veterans in need, was a resounding success, with guests enjoying a night of entertainment, food and drink, and an auction of luxurious items. The evening began with a warm welcome from Violet Woodbrook, who thanked guests for their attendance and introduced them to the various members of House Woodbrook, who were on hand to assist with any problems or questions. Guests were then invited to partake in a treasure hunt, horse race, and dance, with a bard providing live music for the occasion. As the night progressed, Monika Meadows, the Matron of the Lionheart Orphanage, took to the stage to speak.....[READ MORE]

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