No Honeyed words from the Lord High Chanceller. Talking bear shot down!

11-05-2021 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Politics
The meeting in the Royal Court on Monday ended on a slightly different note than usual. Instead of a teddy-ous meeting then we instead saw a petitioner to the court get mauled by the High Lord Chancellor. No amount of pandaring fur the court helped. The people in attendance at the Royal Court meeting was bearing witness to a talking bear talking about ekoalaty and pawsitivety as he petitioned the court for citizenship and equal rights. Unfortunately, the situation quickly turned grizzly and the paw bear - by the name of Berrington, quickly saw his hopes of an ursome outcome turn into a much more unbearable result, where the talking bear was almost escorted out of the room as his bearhavior and pawsturing was out of line according to the High Lord Chancellor who was chairing the meeting. Rumours has it Berri.....[READ MORE]

Discover: Pandaria

Pandaria is a beautiful land, mostly known for its great beer, food and their impressive Lorewalkers who tell inspiring stories and are masters of knowledge and of Azeroth’s history. But there is so much more there, to know, to see, and nothing is better than visiting it yourself to know the treasures Pandaria has for you. In this article I will talk about my own trip to the continent, the different experiences I had there, hoping that you will find something interesting.

For a relaxing or family holiday: Valley of the Four Winds.

This place covered in green and favoured by soft winds is perfect for those looking to disconnect, to relax, to enjoy nature in a calm way. In the middle of the valley, you can find Halfhill Village, the centre of commerce in this region as it is very well connected with.....[READ MORE]

How many statues does Stormwind actually have? the number may surprise you!

06-05-2021 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Culture
Stormwind has a lot of statues, right? When you walk around the city they are everywhere! Grand amazing statues of our leaders and past heroes! Magnificent lions! Or... well... maybe that is not quite the case. Follow along. First up, counting them. Now this may lead to some disagreement, but I did not include gargoyles on buildings, both because I don't think them a real statue, but also because I swear the buggers kept moving when I was not looking, making it impossible to keep track of which I had counted! This was reinforced as I was standing near the Stockades with Darius Agrovane, Serjeant at Arms at the Royal Court - talking about his favourite statues. You see, suddenly one of the statues down in Lion's Rest got up... and walked off. But to our surprise, then it came back moments la.....[READ MORE]

Symphony of colours: unity for a good cause

01-05-2021 BY Gaedryel Ravenbreath IN Culture
The event, held last week in the Mistfall Village, was the closing act of a month that the Greyheart Enclave dedicated to raising money for The Orphans of the Horde and The Westfall Relief Programme. It was the first event of this kind they organised, and it is safe to say it gave great results in terms of raising funds and attendance as people from all parts of Azeroth could be seen. During the whole event people visited the market, different stands were open selling anything from sweets to potions and jewellery. But the great event was clearly the fashion show. Each designer was given a theme, Lara Duskleaf, organiser of the event and designer, was the first to show her work inspired around seasons. She was followed by Khari, who inspired in Azeroth and all it is different places and finally Daras Ph.....[READ MORE]

The Highland Games

29-04-2021 BY Torryk Ironskin IN Sports
When I arrived in Kirthaven for the second day of the Highland Games, I did not expect to -one- see these many familiar faces that weren't even dwarven and -two- find the Bronzebeard team nowhere to be seen. Apparently the drinks of last night were too much for my clan siblings. So I, Torryk Ironskin, of all people was asked to represent my clan, the other two chosen were a lass of the Stormheart Clan, Mairede, Bronzie by birth and a lass named Gwet.....[READ MORE]

Stormwind Open Air Concert this Friday!

27-04-2021 BY Hardhy Lester IN Culture
The rumours have been going around the city for awhile. A concert hosted and organised by the well-known and ever friendly street-musician / bard, Baldemar Sweet-Stonebridge, by most just known as Baldemar. The Royal court has had some involvement in fast pacing permissions and Earl van Rook even stepped up to offer helping finance food and drinks at the event. To try to get a few of the facts straightened out and (full disclosure) since Baldemar is a great friend of the paper - I decided to sit down and have a short talk with him about the event. H. Lester: Tell me about this concert thing? Baldemar: Well the idea of the concert is to showcase the talent that the city has and to bring people together. H. Lester: It is held.....[READ MORE]

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