Roaring Days #2 - Music festival for all

24-09-2022 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Culture
It is time for another Roaring Days music festival. Why? Well because a lot of you asked for another one after the success of the first one. Like last time the festival will be hosted and presented by The Lion's Roar. So what is Roaring Days? It is a woodlands music festival held on a small farmstead (Dandred's Fold) along the southern shore of Lake Lordemere, it lasts two days and features a program packed with musical perfomances. From Dink Battlewar on her Accordian, to Güntar playing those lovely fast paced dwarven polkas, to Barovar's who never fails to please the crowd with his almost magical fingers (no, just don't!), and of course, true to tradition the festival ends with the number one band in Azeroth (and beyond) Shredding Accordingly who will rock you into the night and ectasy. The list o.....[READ MORE]

The nasty pig

23-09-2022 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Culture
A few weeks ago The Pig and Whistle, located in Old Town in Stormwind changed their menu drastically, and added more food options, including street-food, and as anyone who reads this newspaper regularly knows, then if there is one thing I love, then it is street-food. With a promise of another street-food vendor in Stormwind (something the city lack more than Topper McNabb needs a small short-term loan) I didn’t really have a choice. I had to go check it out.

Coffee matters or coffee matters

Having been handed the new menu I did some browsing. True to style for the Pig and Whistle then apparently coffee and tea was still not a beverage listed on the menu – but I was informed by staff that they did indeed offer those hot beverages – which you would think any establishment would offer an.....[READ MORE]

-'Me wife hit me harder..'

16-09-2022 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Crime
Late last night a fiery-bearded Dark Iron dwarf assaulted at least two citizens, luckily, both times he was interrupted, and no one was majorly hurt. The first victim was a young woman standing lost in her own thoughts gazing at a fountain. The would-be robber pressed a dagger against her back and started searching her, hoping to lighten the woman of any valuable possessions. Unfortunately for him a vigilant citizen, armed with a camera happened upon the situation, and as the flash mounted on said citizen's camera went off, so did the dwarf. The woman was shaken but unharmed and just as said citizen - okay, that is getting old, it is clearly me - just as I was talking to her about reporting it to the guard I heard a yell of anguish, pain, and desperation from Master Stonehammer, also known as Ben or Benrus.....[READ MORE]

Wazzup? (Week 31)

01-08-2022 BY Hardhy Lester IN Culture
Another week, another list. A list with brief description of what is going on in the coming week. It is a bit of a short one. The Royal court is on a break, the Hummingbird Emporium is also taking a week off from their usual opening hours and not a lot of big events going on either, but maybe it means there is time to visit some of the more shops opening regularly.

Monday (1/08)

Tuesday (2/08)

Enterprise Supply Co Located in the old Cordell's Enchanting shop in Mage Quarter this shop is open from 20:00 to 23:00. Dalaran Trade Night The weekly shopping night in Dalaran. From 20:00 and a couple of hours onwards. Amber Foundation Open Office Hours 21:00 and for 2 hours. It is your chance to talk to them about, well, charity.


.....[READ MORE]

King's Footmen release pirate captain - Royal Navy pursues

30-07-2022 BY Hardhy Lester IN Misc
Apparently it is not beyond the Golf Company - aka - The King's Footmen to deal with pirates. That is, if one of their own is captured. Saturday night last week Sergeant John Hartman of the King's Footmen was captured in Old Town during an ambush. An old lady appeared to have twisted her ankle, and in an uncommon act of caring the Sergeant offered to help the lady get home. Unfortunately for him, and I am sure now a teaching of why you don't help citizens of the city, it turned out to be an ambush as four pirates from the notorious ship "The Resolute" sprang forth from the shadows once the Sergeant and the injured lady arrived at what she claimed was her home. Sergeant Hartman was brought to Westfall unconscious, bound and gagged and was kept captive in one of the many alcoves along the coastline. .....[READ MORE]

Short News (Week 29)

27-07-2022 BY Cassie Leigh IN Misc
Another week passes, and yet more things continue to happen. Amazing, isn’t it? Here’s a few of those things, in no particular order.

From Peg Legs to Artificial Eyes

Never before have there been as many prosthetics among the people of the Alliance. The reason, of course, are the many injuries from the Fourth War and the discovery, or rather re-discovery of Mechagon Island, opening up so many technological and medical advancements in that direction. More people than ever now walk around with artificial limbs, and some of them choose to give them something extra, too. Arcane legs, arms with built-in grappling hooks, hands made out of rock. The possibilities seem to be endless, and the numbers of prosthetics just keep climbing.

Darkfallen Apprehended

Foxtrot Company, the new guard unit, .....[READ MORE]

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