Derrington VS Prescott (Part II): A complicated case

On Tuesday 8th at 19:00 the trial against Lord Derrington for shooting Mister Prescott in the knee continued. If the first part seemed long and a bit complicated, maybe even confusing, this second session was just chaos.

Fifth witness, Private Steve Maloy

As usual Miss Tiller started clarifying if the witness knew the two individuals involved beforehand, to which he answered explaining he knew them briefly. But she quickly moved to other clarifying questions, as if he arrested Salima as stated the previous session. But first she made him explain about the different shots that happened that day. The answers were a bit confusing and not like someone can blame Private Maloy as this happened three months ago. So sadly, he could not say if Salima was there when Lord Derrington discharged or not, but whe.....[READ MORE]

Poisoner exiled from Stormwind!

Some days ago, Frank Hassle tried to poison several Draenei, Kaldorei and Worgen in an establishment using altered wine, which also affected some Kul Tirans. Luckily all the affected recovered without problems and Hassle was captured. He was charged with attempted murder, breaching a barring order, three counts of common assault and assault by beating. Due to the threat he represents to everyone in Stormwind he was exiled from the city. I accompanied Lieutenant Commander Preston along two of his men to escort Hassle from the Stockades to outside of the city. During the time he was being taken out of his cell the dwarf did not stop throwing complains and insults, specially at myself and Constable Dawnblade, due to us being elves. For a moment he at least seemed pleased that a human was ordering an elf, unt.....[READ MORE]

Derrington VS Prescott (Part I): A complicated case

On Sunday 6th at nine-thirty the trial between Lord Derrington and Mister Prescott began. This trial is related to some events that happened 3 months ago. Some of Vicent Graham’s men, the famous pirate still on the loose, were being executed (by hanging) on that day, and someone —Graham himself according to some people— shot at Captain Royston. This became the beginning of utter chaos, and was followed by gunshots. At some point, and this is what is the question of this trial, Lord Derrington shot Mister Prescott in the knee. According to Lord Derrington it was an act of self-defence, as Mister Prescott was blocking the exit that he intended to take, but Mister Prescott claims this was not true as there was plenty of space to pass him. Mister Prescott was represented by Miss Tiller, meanwhile Lord De.....[READ MORE]

The 2nd Grand-Grand Tournament

06-06-2021 BY Gaedryel Ravenbreath IN Culture
Few people of Azeroth, whether alliance, horde or neutrals can claim to be surprised that the second Grand Tournament took place a little over a week ago. From the 26th to the 30th of May an impressive feat of planning and hard work bore the fruit in what turned out to be days of entertainment, competitions, and shopping. Covering it all is an impossible feat, and since we reckon most people visited anyway then we will try to give a little insight into the event, some results and some personal opinions and experiences. We hope you enjoy and look forward to next year. Much as we do here at the Lion’s Roar. There was a lot of reasons to stop by and experience the grandness. And there was even more reasons to show up day after and follow the competitions and contests. During the event we asked a few peop.....[READ MORE]

It is raining corpses!

04-06-2021 BY Gaedryel Ravenbreath IN Crime
It was somewhere around eleven and a half bells when I was going home after a long meeting at our office. I passed through the Cathedral Square, expecting another calm quiet evening, but instead I found a big group of people around it and several guards around. At first, I did not notice much, but soon a rotten smell hit me, I looked around and found one of the guards covered in what seemed blood, but not fresh, it was very strange. As I approached - an unidentified Ren’dorei who was not wearing any uniform told me that there will be “no comments” and “to keep moving”, all this before I even opened my mouth. This only made me more curious, of course, so I started to ask people around for what happened. According to several witnesses - at least one corpse, though some people pointed .....[READ MORE]

Lady Justice strikes true - criminals meet their end in Boralus

27-05-2021 BY Gaedryel Ravenbreath IN Crime
On Sunday 23rd at nine and a half bells Henry Jackson, the crew member that survived the initial encounter with Boralus City Watch, was hanged at the Hangman’s Square. He belonged to The Butcher’s crew, a dangerous criminal that died in the process of being captured and was guilty of smuggling items from Freehold to the capital, murder, trading illicit goods and arson. Over twenty people met at the square to see the end of this criminal. As a reporter I have to say I have never been to a public hanging and I am not a fan of the idea, the things I heard before going did not help me to like more and rather made me expect a grotesque spectacle with people having fun and enjoying someone’s death. But nothing further away from reality. Everyone stayed rather quiet, almost in a respectful manner, at least .....[READ MORE]

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