Political projects of Stormwind: An update

Almost every Friday the committee of Internal Affairs meet to debate and work on several projects and regulations which has a widespread impact on a lot of citizens in the Kingdom. We have been requested by our readers to try to cover and inform more on Court meetings, and so we will try to do our best in providing more updated information. This article is based on the latest meeting in the Internal Affairs committee, which took place Friday the 19th of this month.

Kingdom Accessibility Framework

The first point of order was the Kingdom Accessibility Framework, a project they have been working on for some time already. I asked the Secretary of Internal Affairs, Earl Michael van Rook to explain what this project is exactly: Earl Michael van Rook: “It’s a framework from which .....[READ MORE]

Opinions on lessons learned and taught

After these last Court meeting, I think it is necessary to write another article. An article to hopefully put an end to some of this recent mess. An article to reflect the changes that some made for good, and those still left. I ask our readers to read this article slow and until the end, for it is made with the intention to put things clear and to an end.

Lesson 1: Reading

The article about the Court of past week seemed to create quite an impact, yet it is quite clear a lot of people did not seem to read the same article that was written. May it be personal interest, may it be a way to deflect accusations, to think we support one side, or any other reason. To put it clear, that article was made for a reason and one reason only: we believe that the Court should treat every citizen with a minimum d.....[READ MORE]

Toilets and Count Essington

17-11-2021 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Misc
This was supposed to be an article about High Lord Chancellor Essington's newest disparage (this time against yours truly). But honestly, what is the point, it is clear he would never win a popularity contest, not even if he ran against The Horse Lords. So instead I give you - Toilet writings of Stormwind!. I have written about corrupt government organisations, serial killers, and bad chefs, but I think nothing will make me as many enemies as exposing what the citizens of Stormwind write on the walls of toilets. To protect myself I will not mention locations as it may give clues to who wrote what. Let us start out with this gem: "I took the Deathwing Challenge, I regret everything" Rumours say even infamous "Sul" took the Deathwing Challenge at the Recluse. And fa.....[READ MORE]

Brawling to be outlawed?!

14-11-2021 BY Gaedryel Ravenshade IN Politics
Last week at Court there was a petition to ban all brawls from Stormwind. Said petition was made by Count Adler and treated at the Internal Affairs Committee meeting held on Friday 12th and chaired by Secretary of Internal Affairs, Earl Michael van Rook. The meeting started with the usual procedural stuff, then once Count Adler saw it fit to show up (apparently punctuality is not a strong trait in this otherwise rather unknown noble), he was allowed to state the reasons to ask for this ban: “I do not see, why it should be legal for a bunch of people to beat each other to near death to the crowds of a cheering mob screaming for blood and wagering on who goes down first. It's a behaviour associated with orcs...Not... Civilized people. There has even been stories of fatalities in said fights.” To b.....[READ MORE]

Lakeshire revival?

10-11-2021 BY Hardhy Lester IN Culture
On Saturday the 13th, from 19:30 in the evening and onwards House Dayton will be behind the grand re-opening of the Lakeshire Inn in Redridge. But the ambitions of House Dayton reaches further than just a re-opening of the local inn, they seek to bring a revival to the quiant little village and bring it back on the map as a hub of activities and entertainment. I went to Redridge to have a brief talk with Lady Everlin Sweet-Stonebridge about House Dayton and the plans for Saturday. H.Lester: So tell me. I understand you have some kind of event planned this weekend? Lady Everlin Sweet-Stonebridge: Indeed, Its the first of many steps in bringing life to this quaint town. We're Kicking it off with an opening, to celebrate and bring attraction to House Da.....[READ MORE]


09-11-2021 BY Hardhy Lester IN Crime
Apparently, The Royal Court has forgotten how to act like decent human beings. In a political term which the Royal Court themselves has themed around humanity. "ORDAH ORDAH" we have heard the words from the Lord High Chancellor's mouth many times in the past, often with good reason. Today - I am turning those words on him. "ORDAH" I say back at the Lord High Chancellor after his and Earl Michael van Rook's behaviour at court on Monday evening. It all started with Earl Michael van Rook, secretary of Internal affairs asking the court for "(...) an investigation. I ask for the normal course of justice. Nothing more." into The Shady Lady and the manager. Earl van Rook listed up several ill veiled accusations against the establishment The Shady Lady, and its manager, Dann.....[READ MORE]

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