Blow by blow: a weekend of blood, sweat and showmanship

12-09-2021 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Sports
It is day two, and unlike Saturday nights tiger-wrangling in Stormwind then the wrestling matches in Dalaran Sunday night is an entirely different experience.

Day 1

The Azaroth Wrestling Grand Prix ran over two nights this time, and instead of me trying to tell the events of the first night I will let the referee and host of the tournament do it in their own words. Recap of day 1: In the first of our first-round matches, The Earth Brother, Tanakhu, defeated Edrom, and his wily associate Brock, despite the latter attempting to interfere multiple times! In our second clash of the evening, a first time in the ring for Ruby Road ended in Ruin for her, as despite her aggressive and brutal combat, she was given the Last Call by El Panda Gigante, .....[READ MORE]

Wrestling - Stormwind style!

12-09-2021 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Crime
Saturday evening a man called Saxton Hale decided the best form of entertainment - in Lion's Rest, the memorial for the late King Varian Wrynn and the brave heroes who fell at the battle of the Broken Shore - was to set a sabretooth tiger he had brought with him, free. I was not there myself, I was in Dalaran - watching actual real wrestling - oh the irony - but thanks to notes from our secretary and the help of several witnesses I have managed to somewhat put the pieces together. You may think it would be a not only stupid, but also dangerous idea to set a wild and dangerous beast free in the middle of the city, and you would be correct. But not only did Saxton Hale think it was a great idea, but he also offered five gold pieces to the person who bested the beast. How he got hold of five gold, and if he ev.....[READ MORE]

Orchard, Apprentices and the Kirin Tor

10-09-2021 BY Hardhy Lester / Editor IN Politics
Secretaries of The Royal Court oversee administration and projects agreed upon by the court. They also work in an advisory role to the court and by extension the King or currently, the Regent. Fourth and final interview. I could go on of course, but I ran out of secretaries. And maybe - just maybe - you dear readers would like other news as well! For this one it is the Secretary of Magic and Education, Lady Aldieth Cloudwhisper I am talking to, to get some insights into her work and the work of the committee she chairs. H. Lester: Right. Lets start out with something - hopefully - simple. What is it you do, as the secretary of Magic and Education? Secretary Cloudwhisper: Simply put, I oversee anything to do with those topics relating to the Kingdom. For examp.....[READ MORE]

Learning magic

07-09-2021 BY Gaedryel Ravenbreath IN Culture
The process of learning magic is long, requires hard work and for those that do not know magic can be a complete mystery. Thanks to one of our readers (and member of the Adamant Scholars), Lord James Griswold, I came to know that a group of magic students was recently formed in Dalaran, the Adamant Scholars, and I had the chance to talk with their founder, Miss Auxélie Meyer.

Adama... who?

Gaedryel Ravenbreath: What exactly is the Adamant Scholars? Auxélie Meyer: The Adamant Scholars is an association providing knowledge about arcane, through lectures, lessons, and study group sessions, and it does so for free. It is based upon mutual aid. Our teachers are volunteering. In exchange, we try to help them how we can. Be that with research, for instance, or .....[READ MORE]

Economy, Neutral Races, and Regional Outreach

05-09-2021 BY Hardhy Lester IN Politics
Secretaries of The Royal Court oversee administration and projects agreed upon by the court. They also work in an advisory role to the court and by extension the King or currently, the Regent. Third. As in, this is the third in the series of interviews with the Secretaries of the Royal Court. This one is with Secretary of Internal Affairs, Earl Michael van Rook. Contrary to what I thought when I first heard of the Secretary of Internal Affairs, then it is not some committee where clandestine meetings happens to discuss top secret stuff. No, its just about the stuff going on inside the Kingdom of Stormwind. H. Lester: Earl Michael van Rook, newly appointed Secretary of Internal Affairs, can you tell me, and the readers a bit about what your job entails? Secretary van Rook:<.....[READ MORE]

Dalaran Trade Night "Shredded"

03-09-2021 BY Hardhy Lester IN Culture
Speaking of the Legerdemain Lounge then the latest instalment of the Dalaran Trade Nights featured a hopping (pun intended) party in said establishment. The Shredding Accordingly was the main feature on Tuesday night, and for almost three hours they entertained the crowd with amazing musical performances. From a slow start with Baldemar playing on his own, to all four band members hamming home one hit after another. From slow ballads like "I should never have left Boralus" and fan favourite "It's raining gnomes" (which we got in both solo and band version) to an ending with more hard rock with Vetterik "Shredduin" Briden taking the lead on several solo's, showing off just why he is Azeroth’s uncrowned guitar hero. The Shredding Accordingly is a band made up of four musicians. Bal.....[READ MORE]

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